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The Best Laptops for Travelling 2019

If you want to bring a piece of equipment with you, on your travel adventures, you have to be witty about it and carefully think what will work out for you best.

You see, very often people make whichever decision is quickest, since everyone is at such a hurry while packing for the trip, and end up with luggage that only represents dead weight.

You don’t want that to happen to you on your trip; especially not if it involves technology!

Although technology is very sensitive, which is one reason why you need to be careful with equipment that you choose, it has also become necessary.

You might want to be able to transfer some photos from your camera whilst travelling, edit them on your laptop and post them on social media or send them to someone.

Maybe you want to browse the Internet and watch movies in your spare time, when you aren’t sightseeing. Either way, you need a good travel laptop.

Here are some basic requirements that a good travel laptop must have:

  • WiFi
  • USB slots
  • Reasonable storage
  • Solid processor that can run the software you need
  • Lightweight build

This article will show you the best options when it comes to purchasing laptops for your travels and adventures. The laptops that you will see here are one of the lightest and strongest ones out of all travel laptops.

I am sure that everyone will be able to find a laptop for their needs on this list as everything was taken into consideration, including budgets.

Acer Aspire E 15″ Laptop
Best travel laptop

The Acer Aspire E 15 comes in as the first laptop on the list and rightfully so. The laptop’s design is a thing of beauty. If you are looking for elegance that can match yours, you have probably found the right laptop.

Besides from that, the Acer Aspire E 15 has a fantastic processor that will, alongside other features, allow you to run the editing software and even other, more demanding software.

Windows 10 is the operating system that will be waiting for you on the laptop. It could be a good idea to install the Windows 7 operating system for better performance, but still, even with Windows 10, everything will be running smoothly.

If you are worried about storage, don’t be! The Acer Aspire E 15 has 8 GB of RAM memory and 256 GB of hard disk memory! If those numbers don’t look scary to you, I don’t know what will. If you aren’t that much of a computer geek, just now that with those numbers you will have more than enough memory (way more) for you traveling needs!

The screen is 15.6 inches wide and the laptop is pretty light and easy to be carried around. Perfect for traveling!

Since this is one of the better laptops not just on this list, but in general, if you think of all of the features that it has and if you be realistic, the price is pretty fair. Yes, it is a bit expensive if you look at the numbers alone, but in the technology world, for all of THIS, it is a quite good offer!

Fusion5 T90B+ 14.1″ Full HD Windows Laptop Computer
Best travel laptops

Okay, the first laptop on the list was very, very powerful but also came at a price. This one will also offer you fantastic features but not at the level that Acer was on.

However, that doesn’t mean that T90B+ Pro is a bad laptop. Oh, just you wait and see.
The T90B+ Pro is a traveler’s dream come true! One glimpse of this bad boy will make you fall in love with him immediately! Yes, it is that good of a design!

Besides from the design, the laptop is very light and very flexible, which are must-have features if you are going on an adventure that lasts for a longer period of time. The T90B+ Pro weighs only 1346 grams!

Imaging feeling that weight on your hands. You can carry it to your coffee shops, to your lunch breaks, even to sightseeing destinations. The laptop comes with 4 GB of RAM memory, which is pretty good. It also comes with 32 GB of storage memory. The storage memory isn’t that huge but it will do the trick for your travels.

The laptop has the option to expand your storage memory up to 256 GB with the Micro SD, or even to 1 TB with a HDD.

The T90B+ Pro has a 14.1 inches wide screen. It also currently runs on the Windows 10 operating system. When it comes to its WiFi system, if offers you extremely good and stable connections. It also “sees” WiFi devices at a long range, which is extremely useful while traveling.

ASUS C202SA-GJ0027 11.6″ Chromebook
Best laptop for traveler

This laptop comes straight from ASUS itself, and let me tell you, it’s quite stylish! Besides from the cool looks, the Asus C202SA is powered by Intel’s Celeron processor, which is quite good for the software you will be running on your travels.

Honestly, this laptop might be the easiest one to handle while you are traveling. With its spill resistant keyboard it certainly seems like it’s designed just for that! On top of that, this laptop makes carrying around easier than ever. How is that?

Well, this Asus laptop has reinforced rubber guards and easy grip handles. Plus, this laptop is extremely light!

On the other hand, the laptop isn’t that powerful, which means that you won’t be able to run the most demanding software out there. However, it has a quite stable WiFi connection that will allow you to do those kind of edits online, as there are many free online sites that you can use for editing.

This laptop has 2GB of RAM, which isn’t that amazing but it can do the trick if you are expecting to run the simple software. It has 16 GB of flash storage and a battery that can last for 10 hours straight!

All in all, this laptop is designed to make you enjoy your holiday by having access to the usual, basic stuff and not having to worry about it too much.

Fusion5 T60 11.6″ 2-in-1 Windows Laptop
Best laptop for travelers

The previous laptops were quite easy to be carried around with you on your sightseeing adventures. Well, this one is even easier! Meet Fusion5, a laptop that offers you 2 products in one!

You see, the Fusion5 has a removable screen which will serve you as a tablet since it is a touchscreen. On top of that, the laptop doesn’t run on Android or other operating systems that are designed for mobile phones. Nope! It runs on Windows 10!

The Fusion5 has the IPS screen technology with full HD resolution, which will make watching movies and doing some work even better!

If you are carrying too many backpacks on your sightseeing destination, you can simply detach the keyboard and take your tablet with you. It’s that easy!

The Fusion5 has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. You can run your software with no problems what so ever, as long as the software isn’t really demanding.

Also, you can stream your favorite television program and edit photos and videos in full HD! Imagine posting those full HD photos on your social media, just like that! Sounds quite easy, right?

If you want a sexy but elegant look, this is the right laptop for you. It will definitely bring the spotlight to you.

Alongside that, this thing of beauty has a processor coming from Intel and 11.6 inches wide screen, which sounds excellent when mixed with the fact that it has HD resolution.

On top of all of that, the Fusion5 laptop is only 980 grams! As you can see, this laptop is quite easy to bring anywhere you want.

It goes without saying that you can access the Internet wherever you find a WiFi hotspot. It also possesses Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and Micro SD options.

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