Best Beginner Surfboards for Adults

Best Beginner Surfboards for Adults: The Best Boards to Learn on

Now that the temperature’s warming up and the sun is making its presence felt, we turn our attention from the slopes to the sea.

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world, allowing you to enjoy the sea, sun, sights and sound of the beach while having a great time on your board.

In this post we’re going to look at the best beginner surfboards for adults to equip you for a summer on the waves. We’ll also talk you through some of the basics of buying a surfboard and what to look out for when you’re buying online.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are two main factors to keep in mind when looking to buy a learner board.

1: Your height and weight

The first thing to keep in mind is your height. Not all beginner surfboards are the same length, so you could find that you buy a board too big – or too short – for you.

Here is a general guide to the size of board to go for by height and weight. This isn’t a 100% definitive size guide, however it’s generally considered that these are the recommended board sizes by the height of the rider.

Your Height Board Size Max Weight
4ft – 5ft 6’8 – 7’2 70kg / 11st
5’0 – 5’6 7’2 – 7’6 80kg / 12st 5lbs
5’6 – 6ft 7’6 – 8’6 85kg / 13st 3lbs
5’6 – 6ft 8’6 – 9’2 90kg / 14st 1lb
6ft+ 9’2+ 100kg+ / 15st+

As mentioned, this isn’t an exact ‘if you’re this height and weight, this is the board for you’ guide, as you could find that your style and skill level requires a slightly different board. However, this guideline is a great place to start and most likely will be a good starting point for a beginner surfboarder.

2: How much you’ll use the board

Consideration number two is a familiar thought when buying pretty much anything – how much use will I get out of this? This is normally a question we ask ourselves when setting a budget, but when buying a beginner surfboard it’s a good question because the progression of your skill level will help determine which kind of board to go for.

Board Useage Recommended Board Type
Up to 3/4 days per year Foamboard (foamie)
1 week/5-7 days per year Foamboard, Longboard or Mini Mal
2/3 times per month Longboard, Mini Mal, Magic Carpet
Every week Longboard, Mini Mal, Magic Carpet, Fish, Big Shortboard

Once again, this is just a guide and different types of board will suit different people more than others.

Best Beginner Surfboards for Adults

Here are our picks of the best adult beginner surfboards available to buy online. We’ll talk you through some of the key features and explain what makes them a great choice for you.

Osprey 8ft Foam Surfboard

This is a great beginner board and ideal choice for the novice surfer looking to buy a board to get them started.

Best surfboard for adult beginner

The board offers plenty of volume, meaning that it’s a bit more buoyant (more volume = more buoyancy), so will be easier for you to paddle and stand up on.

As well offering extra buoyancy, the lightweight board makes it easier for you to carry and offers you great control over the board in the water.

One of the key features of this board is its great design. We know that looks don’t account for helping your surf ability, but this is a cool looking board that you’ll be happy to spend plenty of time with. The 8ft adult variation is available in blue or a green with triband design.

Two Bare Feet 9ft Soft Board

As far as beginner surfboards go, this is a great option to start with. This is a lightweight board that offers plenty of stability and durability.

Best surfboard for adult beginner
The core of the board is an EPS core – which is a fancy was of saying it’s a foam core. This means the board will be buoyant and steady, which is ideal for learning on when you’re finding your feet.

This board has been designed with beginners in mind, so is the ideal board to start off with. The materials and construction of the board have all been put together to make this board as easy as possible to ride and learn on.

Osprey 9ft Foamie

Once again, this Osprey board is an ideal surfboard for beginners, offers plenty of volume and buoyancy. This 9ft board offers one of the highest board volumes from a beginner board, giving you plenty of help to stay on the board.
Best surfboard for adult beginner
The board has a foam core and has a mini-mal board shape one of the most popular board shapes for beginner and intermediate surfers.

This Osprey board is available in 3 colours: blue, yellow and a mint green, offering a simple design.

Hold Fast 7ft or 8ft Mini Mal Foam Board
This was a brand new board for 2018. The Hold Fast mini mal foamie is an ideal beginner board, having once again been designed to be the perfect first board for adults.

Best surfboard beginner adult

This board has a foam core, and has been constructed to be wider, for added volume and more stability.

The underside of the board is smooth for increase speed on the waves, with the top deck being soft for more grip and comfort when you’re lying and standing on the board.
Available in a 7ft or 8th option, this board is a great option for shorter and taller adults, both male and female alike.

Softech Surf School Beginner Surfboard
As always, we like to throw in a top-of-the-line option that will see you right if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money.

Best surfboard beginner adult

The Softech board does exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin – it’s a ‘surf school’ board, ideal for learning on.

The board is ideal for beginners to intermediate, so buying one like this would last you a while.

Available in 5ft 10″ size, the board is suitable for both men and women of various heights.

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