Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Snowboarding

The Health Benefits of Snowboarding

If you're looking for a sport to get you outdoors, enjoy a good day with your family and friends, and have vast amounts of fun, then you'll want to give snowboarding a try if you haven't already.

Not only is snowboarding highly enjoyable, it's also really good for your body and will have many positive impacts on your health - both physically and mentally. 


Check out our graphic below as we explore the key health benefits of snowboarding.  

Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Snowboarding

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The Physical Health Benefits of Snowboarding

Before taking look at the psychological benefits that snowboarding has to offer, let's explore the physical impacts and benefits the sport can have on your body. 

Increased Flexibility

Snowboarding is a high-tempo sport and requires you to change direction, speed and body position very quickly.

It might take some getting used to but this will improve your ability get into different positions and create different angles and shapes with your body. 

Not only will this help your snowboarding but your enhance flexibility can have benefits in everyday life and when doing other sports too.

Snowboarding Can Help Improve Your Balance

You'll know how difficult it is to balance on a moving board if you’ve ever tried skateboarding or surfing. When you add snow and ice into the mix, things get even more difficult. 

Snowboarding is one of the best activities for improving your balance. With every session on the slopes and as you improve your snowboarding ability, your balance will be improving and your co-ordination will be getting better too.

Increased Core Strength

Snowboarding is one of the most rigorous and energy consuming sports because you use a wide range of muscle groups all over your body. At the centre of it all, controlling everything is your core. 

Your core muscles are a vital part of your body and they protect your major organs, so if they’re strong and healthy you’ll be taking care of your more than just your muscles.

Better Cardio Conditioning

As we’ve mentioned, snowboarding gives your body a good, healthy workout. When you work your entire body and your heart rate increases, you're exercising heart too. Of course, snowboarding isn’t the only sport to do this, but because snowboarding works your entire body, your heart rate gets puts through its paces. 

As a result your stamina and your body’s ability to cope with physical activities will improve. 

Burns Calories and Helps Weight Loss

Did you know that when you snowboard, your body can burn up to 600 calories per hour? And the average amount of calories being burnt at around the 450 per hour mark?

Not bad for such a fun sport!

As a result, your food intake and diet will become more balanced as you have to refuel on good, healthy foods that will replenish your energy and keep your body working well. 

Strengthens Leg Muscles

As you'd expect, snowboarding is going to be tough on your legs and if you’re not used to it, your legs will let you know the next morning. 

But that’s a very good thing! Your legs and lower body muscle groups will feel the benefits of snowboarding and will increase in strength and condition. 

Good for Bones and Joints

Snowboarding puts healthy amounts of tension and weight on your knees, ankles and feet, which will help to strengthen the joints and bones in your legs. This will also help to prevent knee damage and osteoporosis later in life. 

You'll find when you run, swim and play other sports, that this leg strength will help you out there too. 

Psychological and Mental Health Benefits of Skiing

Now let's take a look at how snowboarding can positively impact your mind with the mental health benefits of snowboarding.

Improves Your Mood and Happiness Levels

Studies have found that when you snowboard, your body releases more of the hormones that influence the feeling of happiness. 

To support this, Health Fitness Revolution state: “Snowboarding releases endorphins, the neurochemicals responsible for feelings of happiness and well being. Exercising outdoors also helps to elevate mood and reduce anxiety, so snowboarding can lower stress levels and support mental health.”

Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Following on from the fact that snowboarding can improve your mood and increase happiness, we also know that snowboarding helps to reduce stress and anxiety which will have positive impacts on mental health. 

Being outdoors and exercising are proven to help reduce stress, and being surrounded by friends, interacting with other people and having fun will improve your mood.

Helps Form New Relationships and Increase Existing Bonds

Although snowboarding isn’t a team sport, but it is very much a group and very social activity. 

It’s not very often that you find yourself on the slopes on your own, and because of this you spend a lot of time surrounded by like-minded people that share at least one interest - snowboarding! 

You’ll also meet plenty of new people and form new relationships when you’re out on the slopes.

Greater Sense of Self-Confidence

As your start to master the skill of snowboarding and get more confident in your ability, your overall self-confidence will start to benefit and increase. 

“Snowboarding involves height and speed – two adrenalin pumping things that can be daunting for many people. Pushing yourself to face these potentially scary elements can be a great way of improving your self-confidence, which benefits all other areas of your life.” Blaque.

Enhances your Ability to Concentrate 

There’s a lot going on when you’re snowboarding and a lot of information to balance. How fast you’re going, when you need to turn, how steep the hill is and much more. All of this is going on while you’re trying to keep your balance and stay upright. 

As a result, you’re getting a pretty good mental workout and your concentration is being worked on. 

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  1. My favorite part of this article is when you said that snowboarding can improve one’s mood and outlook in life. My son is having a hard time at school because two of his closest friends had to move out of state. He has been with them since 1st grade and he feels like he lost a special part of him. Considering how snowboarding can uplift one’s spirit. I’d be sure to let him give it a try. Thanks for the bright idea!

  2. I snowboard and I know that to really get into the sport you have to forget about civilization completely, its gotta be you and the mountain, no second-guessing. but you also need people that will be there for you to help lift you spirits when you cant land a trick or are too scared to try one.

  3. I’m 48. Switched to boarding from skiing in my mid 20s and rarely been on a pair of skis since. It’s a magical sport. My first turn on powder convinced me – this is it! I’ve had health problems over last few years and a couple of major surgeries in last 18 months but one of the recovery milestones was getting back on the board, which I was able to do and forget about feeling ill. My son loves his skiing, which is great. I’ll stick to my board – always…

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