Best snowboard wax kits

The Best Snowboard Wax Kits 2019

Snowboard wax kits can often stay below board (pun intended) when it comes to thinking of what snowboard equipment you’re going to need for your trip or a session out on the slopes, especially if you’re a beginner.

More experienced riders know that a well-waxed snowboard is not only going to make your ride more enjoyable but will help prolong the life of your board, so always make sure their board is properly waxed and often will carry wax with them.

If you’ve never been snowboarding before, you may not even realize that snowboard wax is a thing. Surely the snow and ice are slippery enough for the snowboard to move over without the need for wax?

And sure enough, the board will go on most tracks without any wax beneath it, but this makes a self-feeding loop. Even if the board is polished, you will have friction, that will make you go slower, the slower you go, the more you push down on the snow, creating even more friction. Slow and rough movement is the opposite of what you are looking for when boarding.

Using wax changes that significantly.

What Does Snowboard Wax Do?

Here are the two main things that applying snowboard wax to the board will do and why you should definitely get hold of a decent wax kit before heading out.

Protects Your Board

Snowboard wax will allow for your board to be stronger, more durable and stop it from drying out over time. Additionally, it will keep the paint job looking nice and shiny longer, making touch-ups on your favorite board less frequent.

The wax acts as an additional layer of paint, but unlike paint, it is not so firmly attached to the board. During your run, your board will encounter many types of dust, small rocks, and dirt. If your board is waxed, this will just scrape off a little bit of material that you would be adding again later regardless. If it was not protected, it would slowly start to degrade your board, making small lacerations and cracks that increase the grip.

This comes back to the self-feeding loop, where more grip makes more friction, which in turn makes more cracks, and so on.

Makes You Go Faster

A common misconception about snowboard wax is that it makes your board more slippery, so you go faster.

Although it does allow you to travel faster, snowboard wax doesn’t reduce friction on your board, in fact, it does the opposite. Snowboard wax adds friction — a slightly different type of friction to the one described in the introduction of this post — to lose friction. We know that seems like a massive contradiction, but hear us out, it will all make sense in the end!

By adding a small amount of friction to your the underside of your board, the wax melts the snow and ice as you move over it creating a tiny layer of water.

This water layer sits between your snowboard and the snow, meaning you lose the friction from the snow and glide over it on top of the water, allowing you to go faster.

Improves Turning and Control

Now that your board is gliding over the snow and not being bogged down by it, the handling of your board becomes much smoother, allowing you to turn easier and quicker, once again allowing you to go faster and have an all-around more enjoyable ride.

Because of the smoother nature of the board, you’ll find that you’re a lot more in control and that you’re getting much more feedback from the board allowing you to be more adventurous when you’re turning.

The Best Snowboard Wax Kits to Buy Online

Now that you know why snowboard wax is important and how and when to apply it, it’s time to look at some of the best snowboard wax kits to buy to keep your board in top condition and speeding down the slopes for longer.

We’ll break our selection of the best wax kits down into rub on kits and full iron on kits. Our choices are based on the manufacturer, how much you get in the kits, value for money and the product rating score.

Best Rub-On Wax Kits

Butta Rub On Snowboard Wax with Scraper

Butta are one of the top names – if not the top name – in snowboard wax and wax kits; you’ll see their name a few times in our selection of products.

Butta Rub on Snowboard Wax Kit

Although this bundle doesn’t include a cloth or cleaner, the quality of the Butta wax alone makes this kit worth buying and picking up a cloth separately. As we highlighted previously, simply rub the Butta wax onto the snowboard and use the scraper to get rid of the excess.

The Butta wax is low in fluorocarbon, using hydrocarbon instead. This means that it is both environmentally friendly, which is always a good thing, and that is a good storage wax as there is no chase that it will attract any substances that may damage the board.

This wax box contains 200 grams of wax, which is about ten applications, meaning that this one batch will last for quite a bit of time.


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a scraper
  • Good value
  • Good storage wax


  • No cloth included
DataWax Universal Ski & Snowboard Wax

This is a rub-on wax for those looking for performance. As it is suitable for all temperatures and conditions, it can be used by anyone, regardless of the location.

rub-on wax

Although DataWax products don’t technically come in a kit, they are competitively priced with the combined tag for the wax, the cloth and the scraper coming at what you would expect from a kit.

Otherwise, this is a good performance wax with a fluorocarbon base. It will give improved glide and control, making your time boarding much more enjoyable. The rub-on is very easy to apply and the bar of 110 grams will last for quite a while.


  • Good performance
  • Applicable for all temperatures
  • Easy to apply


  • Should be scrapped before storage
Dakine Quick Tune Kit

The Dakine Quick Tune snowboard wax kit is an all-encompassing kit that is suitable for all skill levels and experiences.

Dakine Snowboard Wax Kit

The kit includes a rub-on Dakine all weather wax, scraper, rubbing pad for when you want to wax your board.

As well wax products, the Dakine Quick Tune Kit include a snowboard screwdriver and edge tuning tool for if your snowboard needs any other adjustments and tweaks other than waxing when you’re on the mountain.

The Dakine kit comes in a compact zip case that can easily be stored in your snowboard bag.


  • Neatly stored in an insulated zip case
  • Has everything you need
  • Easy to apply bar or wax
  • Good for all temperatures


  • Not always available
ZUMWax All Temperature Rub On Wax

Once again, this might not strictly be classed as a snowboard wax kit, but the ZUMWax rub-on wax stick does more than you might think on first look.

ZUMWax RUB ON WAX Ski/Snowboard - All Temperature Universal

If you look closely, you’ll see that ZUMWax stick features a cork buffer at the top of the lid, so not only are you getting a wax but a scrubbing cork too all in one unit.

ZUMWax offers some of the most popular rub-on waxes amongst skiers and snowboarders due to their small, compact and portable nature that allows you to easily carry the wax and apply it easily to the board on the go, providing great results.

  • Excellent quality wax
  • Very easy to apply
  • Comes with a scraper
  • Very compact


  • Not good for above-freezing temperatures

Best Iron Ski Wax Kits
Demon Complete Tune Up Kit with Iron
The Demon complete snowboard wax kit is the most expensive on our list by far, but it’s also our most comprehensive, coming with everything you’ll need to thoroughly wax your snowboard.

The convenient carry case comes with a range of brushes, files, scrapers and the iron, which is why the kit is a bit more expensive – saving you buying an iron separately. The iron is a carry size that can easily fit in your suitcase or snowboard bag.

As well as a range of tools, the kit comes with Demon’s universal, all temperature high-quality ski wax too.


  • Full kit, everything you might need
  • Good quality wax
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Can fit a snowboard bag


  • Packing requires a bit of storage management
Butta Pro Service Kit

Our second feature of Butta wax is the pro service kit. Once again this is an all-encompassing snowboard wax kit that includes all the high-quality Butta gear you’ll need for a good snowboard wax.

Butta also offers this as a regular wax kit at a lower cost. This is ideal for the more casual snowboarder.

The Butta Pro Service Kit comes with Butta pro wax, brush, scraper and cloth, there’s everything you need within this tin, except the iron of course.

Butta Pro Snowboard Wax Kit


  • One of the best waxes on the market
  • Long lasting wax
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good storage wax


  • The hard case is slightly difficult to pack
Butta Graphite Wax Kit

This is one of newer kits offered by Butta, the graphite kit offers everything offered within the pro kit plus a few extra goodies too.

Butta Ski Wax Kit

As well as the usual brush, cleaner, towel, and scraper the graphite includes a face mask and Butta lanyard too.

The wax included within the kit is Butta’s graphite wax which is new, faster and longer lasting wax. All of this comes within Butta’s retro-styled metal tin.


  • Excellent performance graphite wax
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • 200 grams will last for a long time
  • Eco-friendly


  • Butta hard boxes are always tricky to pack compactly


  • The included face mask is really a nice touch

How to Wax a Snowboard?

So we’ve discussed why you should get hold snowboard wax and apply it to your board, it’s time to look at how you actually wax a snowboard.

There are two main methods for waxing a snowboard, the first is using iron wax to wax the board and the second is using rub on wax.

Rub on wax is more of an on-the-go the method for waxing your board, it’s recommended that, if your board hasn’t been waxed before, you use the iron-on method first and then use rub on wax to keep it ‘topped up’ as you go.

How to Wax a Snowboard Using Iron-On Wax?

The tutorial above shows you how to wax a new board that hasn’t been waxed before using the iron method.

If your board isn’t brand new, has been waxed and used before, make sure you clean it before waxing, removing any dirt or debris to ensure the surface is perfectly flat.

Of course, you can buy snowboard wax kits to get everything you need to wax your snowboard, and we’re going to show you the best kits to buy later in our guide.

How to Use Rub-On Snowboard Wax?

We won’t use a video here to show you how to use rub on snowboard wax because different brands and different types of wax may require slightly different application methods, so there’s no exact one size fits all.

The generic instructions for waxing a snowboard using rub are as follows:

  1. Clean or wipe the board using a cloth
  2. Apply the wax evenly across the board – be aggressive when rubbing it in
  3. Use a scraper to rub off excess wax
  4. Brush your board to buff in the wax

As mentioned, different types of rub on wax kits might have different instructions, so be sure to check the packaging for directions on how to apply and how often to apply the rub on wax to your board.

When to Apply Snowboard Wax?

This will depend on the type of wax you’re applying. In both cases, you should check your board before you ride to see if it is properly waxed and that there are no spots that you have missed.

If you have a wax that needs to be heated for you to put it on you should do this before you even exit your logging. This way you will not need to carry the whole bag and can inspect your board. If you plan to carry the whole kit in your boarding bag, then you can use the iron to heat up and apply the wax on the spot, just before you start sliding down.

If you have a rub-on wax, it is much easier to apply it on the spot. Nice, hard, circular patterns and a brush to buff everything and you are good to go.

If you are using a type of wax that is labeled as a storage wax, it is good to keep the wax on after you are done boarding, and even apply some more, to keep the board safe while not in use. In cases where you are using a more aggressive or abrasive wax that is not good for storage, keep your board clean up to the point before you start your dissent.

Finally, have a nice ride, and see you downhill!

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