Guide to the best snowboard bags

The Best Snowboard Bags 2019: Carry Bags, Bags with Wheels & More

By this time in the season, you’ve (hopefully) already been out a couple times on the hill.

You’ve had time to test snowboard and equipment and give them a good workout on the hill or in the park.

But after each run, the same thing happens. You throw that carefully purchased snowboard and boots into some corner of your garage or your basement. That’s why we have found the best snowboard bags around.

If you want to get longevity and even more value for money out of your gear, treating your equipment with care and looking after it will keep everything in better condition for longer.

If you’re serious about the sport, you’ve probably invested a bit of money into getting the right gear. That’s a lot of money you just throw into the back of your car or on some rack in the attic. Find the best snowboard bags for air travel in this article and the best snowboard backpacks.

Why Use a Snowboard Bag?

So what do you do about this issue? Wrap your stuff in bubble wrap? Sure, but a little impractical.

Wrap your snowboard up in a blanket? Maybe, but that isn’t the most portable idea.

The best way to protect your gear, keep it from getting scratched and nicked is a high-quality snowboard bag.

Snowboard bags are a dedicated snowboard travel bag to keep all your gear in one place, keep it safe, and protect it from the elements. They are the perfect size, loaded with compartments and hidden pockets to keep all your goodies in one place.

Plus, they make travel a breeze, even if you plan on flying with your board. You can check it in and make sure that everything arrives at your next destination in one piece.

And our job is to ensure that you’ve made the best choice possible for a snowboard bag. We’ll walk you through the must-haves and the must-knows in this category.

We’ll teach you the main components of a snowboard bag, what you actually need, and what style you should purchase. We’ll even cover some of the aspects of travelling with a snowboard bag and the rules you need to know when you arrive for your next flight.

We’ll also be giving you a run-down of the best snowboard bags you can buy and provide our recommendations.

Let’s get into it.

Types of Snowboard Bags

Buying the best snowboard bag all comes down to the type of rider you are and what you’ll need to carry with you.

Do you plan on just going back and forth between your hotel and the hill? Maybe you intend on flying out for a snow weekend? Maybe you just need a place to store your gear in the off season?

Unless you’re living on the mountain, you’re going to need to figure out which snowboard bag is best for your needs. Let’s have a look at some of the options for you.

Wheeled Snowboard Bag

This type of snowboard bag with wheels is a soft case, usually a fabric that’s convenient to carry. It has solid shoulder straps, and it has two wheels on the underside of the bag.

This should make it easy for you to drag from the car to the chairlift. But we love this for its practicality at the airport.

Sure, you might think that you can handle a snowboard, plus all your goodies in the bag, but when you throw that thing over your shoulder, you’ll find it hard to make it through the airport to find your check-in counter.

We love the convenience of simply dragging the bag behind you while it rolls easily over the entire airport concourse. The wheels do add some weight, but the trade-off is incredible mobility.

Unwheeled Snowboard Bag

This type of bag is best for someone who’s just planning on some light usage. Not really planning on taking a trip? Maybe it’s ideal to find an un-wheeled bag for your journey. They’re similar to a snowboard backpack, convenient and secure to carry.

These types of bags are incredibly light, flexible, and large enough to carry your board, your some equipment like your snowboard wax or boots and a few snacks to munch on the way. The lack of wheels shouldn’t be a problem if you’re simply looking for a storage carrier with some light transport needs.

Hard Travel Cases

This type of bag is more popular with skiers, but we have seen a few options out there. It’s a hard shell case that opens up on one end. It’s meant for protection during air travel, because we all know how well the airport baggage handlers are known for being diligent with your stuff.

If you start to become a snowboarding enthusiast, buying expensive gear and splurging on sintered boards, you might want to invest in a hard shell snowboard travel bag. Otherwise, they probably aren’t for the average user.

Different Features of Snowboard Bags

When you start to look at snowboard bags, you’ll notice that there isn’t much to them. They’re pretty simple and straightforward, but some have a few options you might want to consider.

We’ll cover some of the phrases and terms you’re most likely to come across in your perusal of bags.


Of course, your board is going to need padding when and where you store it. Many of the snowboard bags on the market include some form of interior padding. It’s handy when you’ve got your bag rattling around in the back of your car with your boots, helmet, and everything else. Or if you’ve got some stuff piled on top of it while you store it during the off season in your garage.

Try to find bags with a good liner that’s padded to protect the board.

Interior Straps

With all the stuff that you’re likely to throw in the bag, it’s a good idea to keep it all contained. Many of the newer bags come with interior straps to hold your board secure.

They usually only include straps for the board itself, keeping it from denting or nicking on other items in your bag. But some include straps for numerous things like your goggles or your backcountry essential gear.

Compression Straps

Mostly in bags meant for travel, some of the options include compression straps on the outside to tighten up the bag.

This is incredibly useful if you’re traveling on a plane and you need to keep it all tucked in and secure from the outside. We’ve heard of plenty of snowboarders who pile their bags full of junk, so it helps to have a strap to compress it all down.

Pockets and Storage

You’ll find various pockets in your snowboard bag, some labelled, some not. Some zippered, some Velcro’d, and some doubled up. We like to keep things in there that come in handy for quick repairs or maintenance. We’ll keep a small screwdriver or a pocket knife, some wax, our goggles, some extra mitts, heating pads, and a couple trail snacks.

It’s good to have a place to keep everything on hand when we need it.


If you’ve chosen to use a wheeled bag, you’ll find that the size of the wheels matter. If you’re laden with some heavy gear, it helps that most wheeled bags use some form of inline skating wheel.

Other bags might have heavy tread on the their wheels, which is great when you’ve got to get the bag from the car park all the way to the chairlift through the 10cms of fresh powder on the grounds from last night.

Travelling with a Snowboard Bag

Can I take a snowboard on a plane? 

That’s a fair question, because if you’re spending money on the best snowboard for you, you’ll want to take it on your ski trips, right? Of course! So we’re going to tell you some key information so you know how to take a snowboard on a plane with you.

There are some key rules and regulations you need to be aware of before you board your flight. We want to prepare you so that there aren’t any nasty shocks when you check in with your board.

First of all, the airport staff are very aware of how to treat your snowboard bag. They’ve seen it before and it’s nothing new to them. Although they’ve seen it before, this could be your first time traveling with your snowboard.

Check your airline’s policy in advance

Check with your chosen airline that you can claim your snowboard bag as a piece of checked luggage. Although it probably will have to go on the oversized baggage carousel, it can still (on many airlines) be one of the allowable pieces of luggage you get with your ticket.

But please do check. Just because ‘Snow Air’ allows it doesn’t mean ‘Mountain Airlines’ feels the same way. They might charge you handling fees and oversized baggage fees. You don’t want to get stung with unexpected fees before you even get out of the airport.

Protect your gear when packing

Secondly, it’s your job to protect your own stuff. You’re the only who’s spent your hard-earned cash on this board, and you’re the only one who cares about it. The truth is that your airline just doesn’t. Pack your board carefully. Use the interior straps and the compression straps. Make sure your padding is sufficient to protect your precious cargo.

Airport handlers deal with thousands of bags every single day and sometimes they need to rush. We’re not saying your board will be mistreated or thrown around, but pack your board with the fact that in mind that not everyone will handle it as carefully as you will.

The Best Snowboard Bags to Buy

From the top selections, we’ve pulled out our very best recommendations on the bags you’ll see here. We’ve chosen them based on price, popularity, durability, and features.

We think you’ll be happy with our selections. Check them, use the links provided to go and have a look and see what works best for you. Any questions… let us know!

Burton Wheelie Gig Bag
Burton Snowboard Travel Bag

This wheeled bag is perfect for just about any size board you have. Just be sure to size up your gear because Burton has quite a few options for you to choose.

The bag does come in a little heavier than some, weighing at almost 3kg when empty. The wheels are skate wheels, soft and very quick.

Burton Snowboard Travel Bag with Wheels

You’ll find a good internal webbing strap system to keep everything contained, and the pockets are perfect size for all your gear. The removable shoulder strap is a good option as well when you’re flying with it. Front and side handles make this a breeze to transport, whether in the car or on the plane.

Nitro Tracker Wheelie Bag

Some snowboarders don’t board alone. They prefer to have company, and that’s why we’re including this banger of a board bag.

The best snowboard bag

The Nitro Tracker actually stores two boards in a very compact bag. It doesn’t look like it, but it does. There are two separate compartments that house different bags. You still get incredible tip-to-tail padding protection on each board. You still get zippered compartments on the outside and inside. You even get a fast wheel system that effortlessly rolls across the ground.

It looks simple from the outside, but it stores more than you’ll ever need, even for two people. Even if you ride with two boards, you’ll still only need the one bag for this trip.

Dakine Low Roller Bag

One of the features of this bag is its so-called ‘bomb-proof’ construction, but hopefully you shouldn’t have any need to put that to the test.

Best snowboarding bag

This is a great bag and it does have everything you’ll need in the one case. It has a storage compartment inside for your board. It has convenient wheels to roll swiftly through the airport. It has enough durability to get you through years of wear and tear, and you’ll come out needing a new board before a new bag.

But what we truly love is that the Dakine Low Roller even has a special compartment for your boots. It’s the all-in-one storage and transport bag that you could ever need.

Evoc Snow Gear Roller

The Evoc Snow Gear Roller is robust snowboard bag with wheels that can be used for transporting both snowboards and skis.

Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The interior of the bag features separation mats to keep your gear apart and stop any potential damage causing clashes or scrapes.

As well as thick padding, the Evoc snowboard bag features large external pockets for carrying any additional equipment or items.

Demon Shadow Snowboard Sleeve
Demon Shadow Snowboard Travel Sleeve

A more streamlined bag, the Demon Shadow is a great option if you’re looking for a thinner, less bulky snowboard bag to make it easier to carry your snowboard around.

Even though the Demon Shadow in a thinner bag, that doesn’t mean it is without padding and won’t protect your snowboard. The Shadow features 5mm on both sides of the case, surrounding your board with soft padding.

As well as being a protective sleeve, the Demon Shadow comes with a detachable shoulder strap, making it easier for you to carry your board around.

Lokker Twin Deck Wheelie Snowboard Bag
Lokker Twin Deck Dual Snowboard Bag

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, all singing, all dancing snowboard bag that is capable of carrying multiple snowboard and your snowboard accessories and equipment too, look no further than the Lokker Twin Deck.

The Lokker Twin Deck has enough storage space for two boards which is highly useful if you’re travelling with a friend or partner, meaning you only have to take one snowboard bag between you.

As well as enough storage for two snowboards, there is enough storage space for both boards with bindings attached, allowing you to keep your board in tact, saving time when you arrive at the slopes.

Black Crevice Snowboard Bag
Best Snowboard Carry Bags

The Black Crevice snowboard bag is a lightly padded unisex bag that that features a range of features, pockets and compartments that will make life on the slopes easier for you.

The stylish bag features some padded to protect your board, which is ideally suited to travelling in a car. For air travel we’d recommended a more padded bag – you know how luggage handlers can be sometimes!

As well as 2-way zips, the bag had a shoe compartment, allowing you to carry your boots with you easily.​

It doesn’t matter if you live 10 minutes away, or a ten hour drive, you need a way to keep all your snowboard stuff together and packed away. The snowboard bag is perfect to haul, protect, transport, and store all your gear in the one location. Consider this as your personal snowboard insurance policy.

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