Best Gifts for Snowboarders

Best Gifts for Snowboarders: Top Ideas for Snowboarding Gifts

If you have a snowboarder in the family, or maybe one of your friends is into snowboarding, you’ll know that snowboarders are passionate about their sport, at some point you’ll probably start to think of snowboarding gift ideas that you can give them for a birthday, Christmas or just if you’re feeling generous.

Well, we’re going to help you out and save you the last minute chaos when thinking of what to buy.

You’re welcome.

Snowboarding gifts can be difficult to buy due to the fact that snowboarding is a pretty specialised sport, and if you’re not too familiar with snowboarding, or snow sports in general, you might not know what makes a good gift for snowboarders.

If you’ve correctly read the title, you know exactly what we’re going to do here:

We’re going to show you some really cool gifts for snowboarders, ranging from snowboarding accessories, novelty items with a boarding theme, and some other really useful presents that we think the snowboarder in your life will love.

The Best Snowboarding Gifts

So let’s get stuck into it. Check out the best gifts for snowboarders below.

Snowboard Gloves

This is a really useful gift for a snowboarder. You can never have enough decent snowboard clothing if you’re into your snow sports.

Christmas gifts for snowboarders: Ski Gloves for him and her

Your hands are the most vulnerable part of the body to the effects of the cold, so by making sure that your snowboarding friend or loved one is protecting their hands, you’re not just providing them with a great gift, but you’re looking after their hands too. ​​​​

These gloves come in several colour options, so you’ll be able to find a pair for him and her.

GoPro Snowboard Mount

If they’re really into their snowboarding, the chances are that your friend or family member has a GoPro action cam to capture their best rides and tricks (if they don’t, check out our next snowboarding gift idea).

Snowboard Accessories as Christmas Gifts for Snowboarders

A snowboard mount is a great gift for any snowboarder wanting to get better shots and angle.

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive gift that will be used well and give hours of entertainment, then this is the snowboarder’s gift for you.

GoPro HERO​​​​​ Session

The GoPro HERO Session is a great little camera that won’t leave you with an empty wallet after you’ve bought it.

Snowboarding Gifts for Him and Her: GoPro Hero Session

The HERO Session is GoPro’s budget option, but doesn’t sacrifice on build quality or the quality of the images.

Recording in full HD 1080p and offering high quality still images, with a TimeLapse mode too, the small and compact Session is a great way to get your hands on a fully-fledged GoPro without the hefty price tag.

Fully waterproof too without the need for an external case, this camera is perfectly set up for the slopes and is one of the best birthday or Christmas gifts for snowboarders.

Dakine Cool Snowboard Lock

If you’re spending all that money on decent snowboarding gear, then you’re going to want to make sure it’s safe and secure.

Gifts for Snowboarders: Snowboard Lock

The Dakine Cool Lock is handy snowboarding gift, offering a simple solution about what to do when you want to leave your board outside when you head indoors for some warmth or a bite to eat.

This pocket sized lock keeps your board securely locked with a 4-digit locking code so your friend can make sure they’re the only person able to get the lock open.

One of the more handy and forgotten gifts for snowboarders, but a useful one none-the-less!

​Snowboarder Cufflinks

Well, we did tell you there’d be some novelty snowboarding gifts on the list…

Buy Snowboard Cufflinks as Presents for Snowboarders

These snowboarder cufflinks are a quirky stocking fill if you’re looking for a small snowboarding themed gift.

If you’ve got a snowboarder in the family that enjoys a formal occasion (or maybe really don’t enjoying dressing up with a formal a shirt on) these snowboarder cufflinks will help make the day that little bit better for them.

Snowboard Carry Bag

The Black Crevice Snowboard Bag is once again a snowboarding accessory that can sometimes be forgotten but is highly useful and will get used plenty of times by a keen snowboarder.

Best Snowboard Carry Bags

Buying essential snowboarding accessories as gifts is a great way to ensure that your present is going to be value for money and will be appreciate by the person you’re buying the gift for.

This is a great option, as not only does it securely and conveniently encase the snowboard itself but there are separate pockets for items such as shoes, ski gloves and other smaller snowboarding accessories. View more snowboard bags here.

G4Free Snowboard Goggles

Another one of those essential gifts for snowboarders that isn’t just useful, but important to the safety and wellbeing of the snowboarder too.

Gifts for Snowboarders: G4Free OTG Ski Goggles

It gets pretty bright when you’re skiing or snowboarding. Up in the mountains, surrounded by snow with the intense sun bouncing of the floor, it can be pretty taxing on your eyes, so snowboard goggles are a must-have.

These goggles from G4Free are a well priced option that offers high performance.

The UV400 rating provides complete protection from harmful rays and the goggles features a spherical lens for a wider field of vision. The goggles are also OTG, which means ‘over the glasses’ so if you’re a glasses wearer, you can just pop them over the top.

Bluetooth Hat

A bluetooth hat, how does that work? Well, it’s not exactly a bluetooth hat – we’re not sure how that would work at all.

Snowboarding Gifts: Hat with Bluetooth Speakers


But instead, this is a hat with small wireless speakers built into the hat that you connect via bluetooth to your phone. So you can listen to music on the slopes, through your hat.

Now, that’s pretty cool, I’m sure you’ll agree.

A quirky snowboarding gift idea that will get a good response and allow whoever’s got the hat to listen to music without having to put headphones over their hat or have cables running from their mobile to their headphones.

Or, if you’d prefer, click here for a cheaper alternative.

Butta Snowboard Wax

Another one of those snowboarding accessory gifts that is more of a useful essential than a surprising novelty.

Christmas Gifts for Snowboarders

Minimising friction and drag on the slopes means that you’ll get more speed on the slopes. And more speed for a snowboarder usually means more fun!

This Butta Snowboard Wax is environmentally friendly and easily applied and washed off. Once the wax is applied, they’ll have less resistance and more control of the board.

Eat, Sleep, Snowboard’ Mug

What kind of gift list would this be if we didn’t include a novelty mug? It’s pretty much a rule…

Presents for Snowboarders: Snowboard mug

Well, as far as novelty mugs go, this one’s a good one that sums up quite a few of the snowboarders we’ve come across before!

As you’ll know, snowboarders and skiers are super passionate about doing what they love, and quite often a day on the slopes is only stopped to eat and sleep. And one or two other things…

Evolution of Man – Snowboarder Hoodie

When you’re out on the slopes you can never have too many warm layers, and an extra hoodie is always welcome. So what better than a snowboarding themed hoodie?

Clothing Gifts for Snowboarders

With a double pocket at the front to keep your hands nice and warm, this warm hoodie will be a useful addition to any snowboarders clothing collection.

Showing that snowboarders are the peak of humanity will win you brownie points too!

With a selection of colours to choose from too, this makes an ideal snowboarding gift for her, as well as the boys.

So there you have it, our comprehensive list of awesome gifts for snowboarders. We hope they like your gift as much as we do!

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