Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

Picking out the best snowboards for intermediate boarders is probably the hardest choice you will have. This is not because of the lack of offers, but quite the opposite, choice paralysis.

Once you have surpassed your first boarding steps and start looking for a greater challenge, you will need to do as much research on yourself as you would on the boards available.

Primarily, you will need to know what type of boarder are you and what kind of slopes you will be going too. Are you a trickster that will focus on learning flips and stunts on the half-pipe, or an adventurist that will climb the tallest backcountry mountain just to rush down.

When you know where you are going, it will be much easier to pick out the best board for that trip.

Finally, you should focus on getting something that will serve its purpose and give solid results without breaking the bank.

As Voltaire once said: ‘’Perfect is the enemy of good’’.

Focus on what works for you and what will serve your need. Those who are in the pro division usually focus on very specific models and have probably lost the perspective of someone who still has a lot to learn.

Best Snowboard for Intermediate Boarders Today

The plentitude of options is both a blessing and a curse, especially for an intermediate boarder.

On one side, there are excellent all-mountain boards that will behave well on both groomed slopes and powder but will never perform as good as a specialized board.

On the other, there are specialized boards that will be awesome for carving but might leave you stuck if you find yourself on powder.

Best thing is to pick out a board that excels at one feature that you like the most but is at least adequate at all others. Having a firm but flexible board always helps.

Finally, always check how the board handles. You will want boards with good edge geometry and good control. It is easy to sacrifice a bit of control to go faster on a snowboard that is easy to manage. The opposite is very hard.

Lib Tech Hot Knife
Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

Not just an excellent snowboard for intermediate boarders, but a gorgeous one as well.

Lib Tech boards fall exactly where you would want solid intermediate carving boards to be. They are well suited for groomed tracks but will withstand some minor debris you might find.

But, firmer snow is where the Hot Knife really shines. It has a good carving edge that can cut down the whole mountain.

The mix of flexibility and sturdiness comes from the composite wooden core that is made from ¾ Aspen and ¼ Paulowina. The inner sidewalls are made from birch, making them absorb most of the shock when carving.

Finally, the UHMW outer sidewalls and the amazing Magne-Traction edge hold keeps the sides sharp at all times and ready to rush down the slopes.

Key Features:

  • Medium flex
  • Lightweight
  • Control focused
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Excellent handling
  • Made in the USA
  • Art by Nick Russia
Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard
Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

If you want to stick to the groomed tracks but get that extra power sliding down, the Sleepwalker is the board for you.

It is a medium-soft board made from a composite wood core that is easy on the knees. This means that you can try doing a few tricks and jumping on that rail a bit.

The board is flexible enough not to break, even on a very narrow rail.

The mostly aspen core has a fiberglass and rubber padding, making the board very forgiving for most occasions. It might not give as much speed in the backcountry as some other models, but will be good enough, and clearly superior to entry models.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Medium-soft flex
  • Good edge retention
  • Rock out camber profile
  • Superior handling
  • Easy to maintain
K2 Simple Pleasures Snowboard
Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

Looks almost like a fat ski, but the idea behind it is brilliant.

The K2 takes a different approach to design and is an excellent choice for those who know that they will excel quickly on their board.

The main eye draw is the pointy top from the directional design. This gives you additional options if they want to use that point.

In regular snowboarding, the board has a medium-hard flex and behaves very well for both groomers and powder drivers, making this an excellent all-mountain snowboard.

But, once you get used to the board, you can take advantage of the point to make some awesome carving maneuvers by shifting your center of mass.

The complete specification of this board indicates that you can use it well into your advanced boarding, but that it will handle quite well and give you a lot of control as an intermediate boarder.

Key Features:

  • All-mountain snowboard
  • Medium-hard flex
  • Directional chamber baseline
  • Volume-Shift technology
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Good handling
Capita Paradise Snowboard

While this exact model is picked out due to the magnificent board decal, the whole Outerspace Living series is just as good and an excellent choice for high-mountain powder boarders.

The snowboard itself is a fusion of dual-core composite wood and the ‘’magic bean’’ resin that is a fiberglass blend.

The use of new technology has not only made the board perform exquisitely on all surfaces, and especially powder but has made the board cheaper and easier to maintain.

Inside the board, there are two pairs of titanium struts underfoot that keep the structure of the board in place, but still, leave the wood to be flexible and easy on the knees.

Finally, it has full ABS1000 sidewalls, in case you need to do a bit of carving and come against some crud.

Key Features:

  • Excellent on thick snow
  • Medium-soft flex
  • V3 chamber profile
  • Magic Bean fiberglass technology
  • Good edge retention
  • Excellent handling
Roxy Ally Banana
Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

If even as an intermediate snowboarder you prefer riding on groomed tracks and quickly carving down resort slopes, then the Ally Banana is a superb choice.

It has exquisite handling and excellent turning capabilities, quickly able to shift mass and edge to take you right where you want to go. The excellent edge retention means that it will stay sharp with only mild maintenance.

The board has a radial side-cut that is perfect for smooth turning and easy on the knees when you want to switch your footing. This becomes even easier with good snowboard wax.

Finally, the core is flexible enough for you to glide as fast as you can down the slope but sturdy enough to be reliable when you need to carve down some crud.

Key Features:

  • Excellent for groomed tracks
  • Medium-soft flex
  • Banana rocker chamber profile
  • Solid edge retention
  • Lightweight
  • Superb handling

Quick Intermediate Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

The main reason why buying the best snowboard for intermediate boarders is tricky, is that only you can know what balance of speed and handling.

Generally, you would want the boards to have a medium firmness and to be slightly flexible, but not to become as sponge-like as entry models.

Thankfully, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to intermediate boards, and it is very unlikely that none of these models will be the right fit for you. Especially if you know exactly on which type of tracks you will be boarding.

Finally, it is essential not to overestimate your abilities, as that can place you in harm’s way, but you shouldn’t stay in your comfort zone for too long either, as it can get boring.
Find a fun, versatile board that is not only of good quality but looks good on the eyes as well.


All modern boards are made from composite materials. In intermediate models, the wood used is usually aspen, as well as paulownia, which is both lightweight, durable, and quite flexible.

While this flexibility would be an issue on competition-grade boards, it gives excellent handling on the ones you need.

Finally, as both aspen and paulownia are relatively cheap timbers, this reduces the overall price.


The base of the board consists of the plastics that connect the sidewall and the core. Thankfully, we now have superb alloy plastics that are better than anything we had before.

Some companies make additional advancements here, but even the entry models garner a solid base.


There is only one thing that is used for coating modern snowboards, and that is fiberglass.

Layers of these threads are placed on the bottom that will not only protect the wood and add more flexibility but will be very easy to wax as well.


The key to improvement is always pushing yourself to go outside your comfort zone.

You need to go faster, harder, and to the places, you haven’t yet been as to break your current limitations. But, you must make sure you come back to tell the tale as well.

Selecting the best snowboard for intermediate boarders means going a step further and having even more fun on the slopes than you had before. Here you will still need good handling from the board.

Good handling will allow you to get more experience, and try out steeper rides, quickly rushing to the skill level needed for advanced models, or maybe even the ones that pro’s use.

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