The Best Women’s Ski Gloves 2019: Style & Warmth on the Slopes

We’ve all been there when you step out of the house and you’re putting your hands straight into your pockets. You’re blowing on them while waiting for the bus. When you’re driving your car, you’re hesitant to touch the wheel because it’s so cold.

And when the temperature drops enough, you could actually be putting your hands at risk of damage without the proper gloves on.

Everybody in a cold climate has a set of gloves for when the weather starts to turn and the snow starts to fall. But are they good enough to ski with? Can your delicate hands last the entire day outdoors on the slopes, wind rushing past, and snow flying all around?


You require different types of gloves for skiing. When it comes to being on a ski slope, your leather driving gloves or one-size-fits-all cotton gloves aren’t going to be suitable. You need a pair of gloves with features dedicated to a ski environment.

You need to know all there is to know about women’s ski gloves…

Perfect. You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to solve that problem. We’re here to make sure that you walk into your next women’s ski glove purchase with confidence to get the right pair.

Why Buy Women’s Ski Gloves?

Your hand is at risk in cold weather, but adding to that the wind, water, and weather your hands face during a typical skiing session? You need a glove that can handle the worst of it.

Ski gloves for women are designed to be comfortable and keep your hands warm and dry. They are coated and treated to be waterproof from all the snow you’re likely to touch.

They’re also windproof to keep the rushing air from freezing off your digits. And they even come with handy features to help for a smooth and fun day on the mountain.

Think about your typical skiing excursion. You’re going to be charging down the mountain at blistering speeds. You’ll (most likely) fall into the powder at some point. You’ll sit for extended periods on the chairlift, with no break from the wind-chill. And you need to be able to grip your poles with confidence as you head down the slopes.

Your hands need a pair of gloves that can meet all those needs. That’s a lot to ask, and standard gloves won’t cut it. Ensure your ski gloves are up to the standard of the rest of you ski clothing.

Features of the Best Women’s Ski Gloves

Outer Shell Waterproofing​​​​​

So, starting with the snow and ice, your hands need to stay dry all day.

Unfortunately, if you lose the battle against the snow, you won’t have a place to dry out your hands at the top of mountain.

The best ski gloves for women come with a coated or treated outer shell. It repels water, ice, and snow from beading and melting into the fabric. Look for similar fabrics to your women’s ski jacket for the best protection against this.

When the water can bead off, you won’t have soggy gloves that take the fun out of the day.

Inner Liner

This is the part that your hands actually touch. You need comfort for the whole day. That’s why your inner liner should be fleecy, warm, and non-restrictive.

The inner liner also serves a double purpose. Not only does it keep your hands nice and warm and soft, it also wicks away moisture.

Have you ever had a super sweaty palm on a first date or a job interview? Now imagine the rush (or sometimes nerves) of how it feels to be starting down a double Black Diamond run, with two slippery sticks strapped firmly to your feet…

Your hands are going to get sweaty. Either from the exhilaration, the fear, or just the exertion of skiing down hard. You need a liner that can wick away that moisture without making the inside of your gloves all soggy.

Your inner liner should be rated as very breathable to be considered as good enough to take you down the mountain.

As an added bonus, several gloves come with the ability to remove, wash, or replace the liners inside. Many hard-core skiers like the ability to swap out their liners in the middle of the day to ensure a fresh glove.


Your gloves cuffs are your last line of defence against snow and ice making their way on to your skin, just like a gaiter on your female ski pants. Trust us, the feeling of ice and snow dripping down your wrist is NOT a pleasant feeling on a cold, winter’s day,

A good glove will have one of two different style cuffs:

The first type of cuff is the Banded Cuff: This type of glove is probably what you imagine when you think about a typical ski glove. It comes down to midway on your wrist and has a tight elastic or adjustable tab to tighten up against your skin. It’s good to keep the glove snug against your hand while protecting it against the snow. Several skiers like to tuck their jackets into the glove cuff before tightening to double up the protection from ice and snow.

Second we have the Over Cuff: Purely as a matter of preference, some gloves have a longer wrist length to tighten up over the jacket sleeve. This allows the jacket to be tucked into the glove, and there is a longer flap of fabric that is tightened by a drawstring to secure the glove. The longer fabric is advertised as a better protective measure against snow, but we’re not convinced it’s better (or worse) than the banded cuff style.

Again, that’s purely a preference for you to decide.


Here’s a feature you’ll never see on your leather driving gloves. Many ski gloves come with built-in pads on the fingers and palms for better gripping power.

Snow and ice (if you weren’t aware) can get pretty slippery. That’s why we recommend a glove with soft rubber pads to grip the poles better when your hands get cold.

Bonus Features

Here’s a list of some of the other (minor) features that you’ll see advertised.

  • Squeegee strip. A strip of rubber to squeegee water from your goggles
  • Cloth patch. A soft cloth sewn on the glove to wipe your runny nose.
  • Articulated fingers. Pre-curled gloves to help with better grip strength.
  • Zip Pouch. A place to slip a heating pad into the glove to keep extra warm on cold days
  • Padding. For racing gloves where you have a danger of bumping knuckles on trees or poles

Buy the Best Ski Gloves for Women

Trespass Vizza – Basic and Solid Choice
Trespass Women's Ski Gloves

Starting out with the basic of gloves, this set of Trespass Vizzas shouldn’t let you down.

When it comes to price, it’s at the low end, but it’s pretty high on features. You get a drawstring for the longer cuff style, wrist straps to keep the snow and cold out of the glove, a padded exterior against light bumps and knocks, and a soft knitted interior for a smooth, warm hand feel.

We’re pretty chuffed with the Vizzas because although you aren’t paying as much as you could be, you’re going to get a full day’s wear out of them. We also love the range of colours that you can choose from to suit your style.

​Gregster Premium Sports – Robust, Traditional Ski Gloves
Best ski gloves for women

For no other reason than they can, Gregster has introduced a low price on a decent pair of gloves. If you’re happy with a beginner’s glove while you get accustomed to the sport of skiing, you’ll be happy with this pair.

They’re loaded with enough features that you won’t be left wanting, and they’re also cheap enough that you won’t be worried about actually using them.

It comes with a soft, gripped pattern on the palms and fingers of the glove. It also has an adjustable wrist strap to keep your hands snugly tucked in. The wrist clips also keep you from losing them should you need to remove them during the run.

They’re basic gloves, but for the price, we can’t complain with everything you’re getting for your purchase.

Terra Hiker Women’s Gloves – Comfortable and Secure
Best ski gloves for women

The Terra gloves make our list for their practical design for those who understand skiing and snowboarding.

The gloves are a comfortable fit with an extra-long design that keeps your hand from slipping during the day. The cuff and band system keep your hands from falling out and snow from sneaking in. We’re huge fans of the waterproof coating on the glove that keeps it dry on the inside. Your hand will also feel comfortable with the soft, fleecy liner that’s insulated well against the cold.

The articulated fingers keep your hands ready to grip and grasp your poles, the chairlift or that after-ski hot chocolate.

It’s also an extremely breathable fabric that comes with 3M technology that surpasses what we’ve seen in other women’s ski gloves.

The North Face Montana Etip – Technology Friendly​
Best ski gloves women

As glove technology develops, we’re excited by what some of the newer features of the best women’s ski gloves are. One of those technologies can be found at the fingertip of these gloves from The North Face.

The fingers are designed to work with any touchscreen device. We love this additional option because you never have to take your gloves off to take a call or a photo while outside anymore.

You’ll also get the same benefits as any other ski glove. You’ll have excellent waterproofing, an over cuff design to keep slow out from under your gloves and jacket, and a warm interior to keep your hands toasty all day.

Hestra Heli Ski 3-Finger Gloves – High End Performance
Hestra Heli Women's Ski Gloves

Just to demonstrate what a high-end ski glove for women looks like we’ve included the Hestra 3-Finger to show the range of what your glove can do.

We like the 3 fingered approach on the glove to help retain heat in severely cold weather. It gives you enough mobility and dexterity to do any task while retaining the feeling of a warm mitten.

The Hestra Heli have a removable lining to wash and replace when needed, a tight over cuff design, leather palm for grip and waterproofing, and a breathable, windproof fabric of 3 layers for the ultimate protection.

Prepare for the worst by wearing the best gloves you can get this winter. You’ll thank us with a nice toasty handshake should we ever meet you on the slopes. Happy skiing!

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