The Best Kids Ski Gloves & Mittens for Winter Holidays 2019

If you’ve made the choice to introduce your young ones to skiing, you’re in for a real treat. Having your kids join you on the slopes can be such a rewarding experience…

…as long as they’re dressed correctly.

And there’s nothing that will end your day faster than that dreaded complaint, “My hands are cold!”

If you can dress your kids with the warmest ski gloves or mittens, they will prevent their hands from getting cold or wet, thus saving their (and your) day.

We’ve spent time to pick out the best kids ski gloves to make sure you get it right the first time.

Ski gloves prevent water from getting to your child’s hands, they keep the wind from passing through, and they insulate your children’s hands from feeling the effects of the cold outside.

If you buy the right pair of kids ski gloves, you’ll find they never once complain about not feeling their fingers or that snow got up inside their hands.

Gloves are designed to create that impenetrable barrier to water, wind, and cold. And how do you know which pair of kids snow gloves is best? That’s why you’re here, right?

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve sorted through the catalogue of options and pulled out what we think are the very snow gloves for your children. We wanted to find gloves that were friendly to your budget and perfect for smaller pairs of hands.

Let’s get right into it, because the sooner you have the right pair of gloves, the sooner you and your family can be out on the slopes!

Why Buy Kids Ski Gloves?

We’ve touched on it already, but let’s just quickly break down why it’s so important to not just choose a regular thick pair of gloves from the nearest ski wear shop for your kids. You should expect a lot from your ski gloves, regardless of if they’re for you or your children.

Your body produces a natural heat that’s pretty effective normally. Unfortunately, skiing isn’t a normal situation for human bodies.

The rushing wind, the extreme cold, and the slush and ice can all contribute to chill your children’s hands through to the bones. That’s what your kid’s ski gloves are there to prevent.

Firstly, you should find a glove that impermeable to water. The fastest way to get your hands cold is to get them wet. And when you’re skiing through deep powder or along packed icy trails, there’s a good chance that their hands will be touching the snow and ice.

If the glove can be waterproofed with either a resilient shell or a good waterproof coating, that’s good start to keeping warm and dry inside.

The other thing you should expect from your ski gloves is a good layer of insulation that can wick away moisture. Your child’s hands will get sweaty, and if the glove that they wear can wick away that sweat, that will also keep them comfortable and dry during the day.

Different Types of Ski Gloves and Mittens

When buying ski gloves, you’re going to be inundated with choices. There are so many varieties of materials, styles, and features to find that you’re probably going to be overwhelmed. Let us help there.

Gloves or Mittens?

Which is better for your children and what do they need for a safe and fun day out there on the hill?

It really comes down to preference. If your child prefers to have their hands free and mobile, a glove is best to allow flexibility in their fingers. But for younger children, many parents opt for the mitten to keep their fingers together and warmer.

No matter which style you choose, be sure that they contain some of the following features.


The best ski gloves will have a measurement for the waterproofing, which is a measurement of the amount of water it will let it over time. The higher the rating, the less water can seep in.

Because kids are prone to fall over while skiing or grab snow at any chance they get, it’s best to not compromise on this number.


Look for gloves that have a good filling inside them for extra warmth. You’d normally find a down-filled interior or a micro-fibre lining that keeps the natural body heat inside and the cold outside.


This is, by far, our most recommended feature of good ski mittens or gloves. It should come with a similar rating for breathability with, again, the higher the number, the more able it is to allow your hand to vent off the excess moisture.

That’s under-appreciated as a feature until you get onto the hill, and your hands start to sweat. Your kids will appreciate not having sweaty, warm hands otherwise, they’d be tempted to take their gloves off all the time.


Look for gloves that allow you to adjust the tightness of the cuff and band on the wrist. If your kids are still growing (and whose aren’t?), you’ll appreciate that the glove can be custom fitted to their hands, no matter how big their hands get. It also keeps the snow out and keeps them from losing a glove midway on the chairlift. There nothing worse than watching your children’s gloves slowly fall down off the chair.

Look for either the normal cuff on the wrist, or the longer cuff that’s designed to tighten over the kid’s ski jacket sleeve. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your children and their habits.


Because they are kids (you know how it is), you will probably want a pair of snow gloves that come with wrist straps to prevent your kids from losing them.

Kids take off gloves for the strangest reasons, and it’s best to prevent a loss with a wrist strap that secures it to their body, even if they forget about them (you know how it is).​

No matter what brand, style, or material you choose, there is one important thing we need to say about kids ski gloves.

They’re not meant to be a ‘dumbed down’ version of adult gloves. Too often, we see gloves meant for small children on the ski hills that have no business being anything other than something they might wear for winter walk around the local park.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose ski gloves that would be good enough to wear yourself, and that you would choose for your hands on a long skiing trip.

That being said, we believe these next choices are among the finest options of boys ski gloves or girls ski gloves that you’ll find online.

Hestra Junior Skiing Glove
Best ski gloves for kids girls

One of the first reasons we were attracted to these gloves was the colour. What a stunning pink! But of course, don’t let that sway you. The brand Hestra should tell you everything you need to know about these excellent snow gloves.

Hestra is renowned for producing excellent warm ski gloves that you would wear yourself, and they certainly don’t “dumb down” their kid versions of the same gloves. The price tag is extremely reasonable for what you’re getting in this glove. It’s a remarkably warm glove with a soft, insulated interior with a pull strap on the wrist to secure it to your children.

It’s the waterproof, breathable ski glove for girls that will keep those little fingers warm and comfortable no matter how hard you ski during the day.

Reusch Snowsports Training R-Tex XT – Hi-Tech Performance
Reusch R-Tex XT Ski Gloves for Kids

This certainly isn’t the cheapest version we have listed, but it is one of the most hi-tech performance ski gloves we came across for kids. If you and your young ones plan on more extreme skiing, we’d highly recommend this version of ski gloves for you. We trust Reusch because they produce excellent sporting gloves, summer and winter.

This glove is loaded with features that you will find handy. Let’s list them, shall we? Padded knuckles for bumps and bruises, complete weatherproof technology (wind and water), articulated fingers for better grip, hook and loop fasteners, reinforced palm grips, and much more.

Yes, it’s a more advanced ski glove, and yes, it’s not for the first-time skier on the slopes but as a boys ski glove, it’s the perfect fit for adventure and action in the winter. If your little guy has a thirst for speed, these are the gloves for him.

Vbiger Ski Gloves – Warm and Practical
Best to wear ski gloves for kids

These are advertised as snowboard gloves, but we wouldn’t feel bad if your children used them for skiing. We won’t tell. Promise.

The best part of these gloves is the waterproofing. It’s a special coating that is designed to bead off water, ice, and snow over the course of the day. That matters a lot when your kids are in the snow as much as they are.

It comes with a pretty standard set of features, cuff bands, straps for tightening, soft, fleecy interior, and textured fingers for better grip. We do love the zippered pocket on the back of the hands. It’s the perfect spot to stow some loose change, or even slip in a portable heating pad to get a boost of warmth in the chilly air.

Dakine Avenger’s Gloves – Ideal Choice for Girls
Dakine Avengers Ski Gloves for Kids

These funky gloves are designed to be warm. They rate highly on the warmth scale on Dakine’s own website, and they promise to keep those little fingers toasty during the day.

This pair of kids ski gloves includes the longer band to cinch around the jacket sleeve. It’s a preference that some parents have to ensure no snow gets in between the gloves and the jacket. And the best part of that is that you only need one hand to pull it tight. The outer shell comes complete with a coating that ensures no snow or ice can penetrate the glove itself.

They have sizes that go all the way down to 4 years old, so none of your kids has to feel like they are missing out on warm hands on a cold skiing day. And with a 2 year warranty, you’ll be glad you decided to pick this pair to last for more than one season.

Trespass Kids Ergon Thinsulate Gloves – Quality Budget Option
Best ski gloves for kids

Once again, we can’t go pass the Trespass brand when it comes to reputable, sturdy, trusted ski gloves. And they understand that just because the gloves are designed for kids, that they shouldn’t be any less able to protect little fingers and little palms from the cold and snow.

These waterproof gloves come with a few handy features that you’ll love for your kids, even if they don’t notice. First, you’ll love the double straps to fasten the gloves closed. There’s no chance of an ‘accidental’ escape after tightening these up. Also, we like the little additions like the Thinsulate liner or the nose wipe pad on the first finger. Believe us, it is way better they wipe on the soft glove pad than let it drip, or worse, take off their gloves to wipe.

In the wide world of wintery sports, it’s possible to get lost looking for the best ski gloves for kids. You don’t have to worry about that now. Your kids are ready. They are dressed for the trip and ready to face the slopes!

Columbia Children’s Ski Mittens – Multiple Colours Available
Columbia ski mittens for kids

Columbia are a reliable brand and one of the biggest names in outdoor wear. The Columbia ski mittens are a well priced option if you’re looking for a quality pair of ski mittens for your children.

Waterproof to ensure that your child’s hands stay dry, and breathable to keep their hands comfortable and free from sweat, these are an ideal choice of ski mittens for kids going on their holidays.

Kernoda K:TEX3 Junior Ski Mittens – Great All Rounder
Kernoda Kids Ski Mittens

With a breathability rating of 8,000 and waterproofing rating of 10,000, it’s easy to see why these ski mittens score so highly with buyers.

Not only are the mittens waterproof and breathable but there are also plenty of other features to ensure your children’s hand remain warm and dry such as a drawcord closure and wrist strap to secure them even more and 40gram 3M thinsulate insulation with soft feel insulating lining to ensure the mittens are soft and comfortable.

Fazitrip Thinsulate Ski Mittens for Kids – High Value for Money
Fazitrip Children's Ski Mittens

The Fazitrip mittens are a great option to consider if you’re looking for a budget pair of children’s ski mittens that will still deliver performance and quality. These budget mittens are built using 3M thinsulate material to ensure that they’re warm and dry but also protect from wind chill.

With a range of colours available and with extra padding fitted to the palms and fingers for additional grip, the Fazitrip ski mittens are a great option to consider.

Vbiger Snowproof Skiing Mittens for Children – Stylish Budget Buy
Vbiger ski mitten for children

Designed to be warm and comfortable with a thick fleece lining inside the gloves, the Vbiger ski mittens for kids will keep your children’s hands warm and dry and keep them comfortable all day on the slopes.

Stylishly designed to appeal to the younger skier, the brightly coloured gloves will be a hit with your children. If you’re looking for a more ‘usual’ style, other colours are available to suit both girls and boys.

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