Best Kids Ski Jackets to Keep Your Children Warm & Safe

If you’re looking for the best kids ski jackets, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done all the work for you and we’re going to tell you here.

Skiing is becoming far more popular than snowboarding, so with that in mind it’s best to teach children at a young age. Once they have mastered the skills they will be set to ski for life.

It is important to make sure that children have a good experience when skiing though, a bad experience can put them off trying again. For example, if they were to become cold it could put them off doing it again.

That is why we are here. We’ve sorted through hundreds of kids ski coats to make sure your little ones will stay warm.

We’ll tell you which children’s ski jackets are best for boys and girls, and we’ll also tell you why they’re good and worth spending money on.

We’ll also show you where you can pick the best boys or girls ski jacket up from and save you time shopping around.

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The Different Types of Kids Ski Jackets

Insulated Jackets

Insulated jackets are the most common type of ski jacket for children. Insulated ski jackets offer a layer insulation within the jacket. This insulation layer provides your child with plenty of warmth.

Finished with a waterproof outer layer, a kid’s insulated ski jacket is a durable jacket that will keep them warm and dry.

Shell Jackets

A shell ski jacket is more commonly used by more advanced skiers because they offer more freedom of movement as they don’t feature internal insulation and therefore are thinner than insulated jackets.

The lack of insulation allows the jacket to be less bulky and lighter, giving your child more movement.

Kids shell ski jackets still offer waterproofing and also windproofing. They are commonly worn with an additional layer beneath to provide warmth.

3-in-1 Ski Jackets

A 3-in-1 ski jacket combined the benefits of both insulated and shell jackets. 3-in-1 ski jackets are growing in popularity due to the fact that they can be altered to suit differing weather conditions and the child wearing it.

Combining the best of both worlds, a 3-in-1 ski jacket is essentially a shell jacket with an internal insulation lining zipped in. This layer can be removed allowing your child to wear it as a shell jacket, or added to make the jacket an insulated jacket.

What to Look for from a Kid’s Ski Jacket

Before we look at specific jackets, let’s take a look at what actually makes a kid’s ski jacket any good or not.

Whether you’re buying ski goggles for kids, or looking for kids ski pants, it’s always good to know what makes a product good before you look to buy, and ski jackets are no exception.

There are some key elements to look out for when buying ski jackets for children, some of those might be obvious but can often be overlooked or even forgotten.

Waterproof / Snowproof

First of all, ensure that the jacket is waterproof – we said some would seem obvious!

Even if the forecast is for sun and clear skies, don’t forget that any snow that gets on the jacket will melt. Your child’s jacket should be able to cope with snow melting on it, as well as being able to cope with rain and water running down.

Things to look out for include sealed/taped seams and stitches, ensuring no water or moisture can creep through the seams.

Understanding Waterproof Ratings

The waterproof rating of any ski jackets, not just kids ski jackets, is rated in millimetres (mm).

This number indicates how much water the jacket can withstand before it is no longer water resistant.

For example, an average child’s ski jacket will have a rating of 5000. This means the jacket can hold 5000mm of water (5 metres) before water will creep through into the jacket.

Ski jacket waterproof ratings will vary from anywhere between 1000 and 20,000.


A breathable fabric will help keep you cool by allowing heat, sweat and condensation produced by your body to pass through the jacket from the inside to the outside – preventing sweat building up within the jacket.

Understanding Breathability Rating

When looking at the breathability of a ski jacket, you’ll sometimes see the letters MVTR. This is the Moisture Vapour Transmission rate.

MTVR measures how many grams of sweat can pass through the ski jacket per 1 square meter over 24 hours. The breathability rating ranges between 2000 and 20,000 on kids ski jackets.

Vented Ski Jackets

The more top-end jackets feature vents that can be opened and shut to allow you to control body temperature and also are made with ‘breathable’ fabrics.

Even though it is cold on the slopes, you are very active and your body is working hard. Therefore you’ll produce more body heat than usual and even when surrounded by snow, you can still get warm.

Adjustable vents on your child’s ski jacket will allow them to open sections of their jacket to allow air into the jacket to cool them down.

Zips and Compartments

This is one often missed when people are searching for a quality ski jacket for their child. Zips and storage are highly useful, especially when you’re skiing and you need to keep things on you such as your ski pass, a map of the resort and the slopes, and anything else such as a phone and action camera.

Some jacket have a dedicated ski pass compartment that allows you to keep your ski pass stored, but as a clear casing so it can be displayed at all times. Zip pockets are also useful if you want to carry a spare item of warm ski clothing on you, such as a detachable hood, scarf or a warm hat.

Internal pockets are also very useful, ensuring items are securely tucked away and won’t fall out of your pockets whilst you’re on the ski lift or if you fall at any point.

Best Boys Ski Jackets

Now that we’ve taken a good look at what to look for when buying a kid’s ski jacket, let’s take a look at some of the best boys ski jackets and where you can get hold of one.

Best Boys Insulated Ski Jacket

Dare 2b Children’s Retort Waterproof and Insulated Jacket
Dare2b Insulated Ski Jacket for Boys

This Dare 2b ski jacket comes in a range of different colours, it’s a ski jacket suitable for both boys and girls.

The colours vary from dark to bright, so you can always see where your child is.

It is very well priced for a kids ski jacket. Dare 2b is a well-trusted company that started making ski wear, with the expert advise of athletes.

With a waterproof rating of 5000 and a breathability rating of 5000, your child is sure to stay dry and warm in this practical ski jacket.

The average buyer rating for this kids ski jacket is 5/5 which shows it is a high-quality jacket that performs in ski conditions.

Regatta Dodger
Regatta Dodger Kids Childrens Boys Girls Waterproof Insulated Jacket

This Regatta children’s ski jacket ticks all the right boxes for us. Not only does it have an exceptionally high waterproof and breathability rating if 10,000.

This jacket features taped seams and thermo-guard insulation, ensuring your child is highly insulated and warm.

It also comes in colours suitable for both boys and girls. This ski jacket is perfect for your son or daughter.

It is an excellent price for the quality of this ski jacket for children.

Columbia Boys Alpine Free Fall Ski Jacket
Columbia Ski Jacket for Boys

This boys ski jacket is perfect for any parent wanting their child to have reflective detailing on their coat.

Parents, you will be keeping your child warm with this well-insulated jacket and ensuring they don’t go unnoticed.

It features zippered hand pockets and an adjustable storm hood, helping with all weather conditions.

The waterproof rating is slightly lower than the average but it is still a high rating of 3000.

Mountain Warehouse Raptor Kids Snow Jacket
Best kids ski jackets

This stylish Mountain Warehouse kids snow jacket is ideal for children when skiing or snowboarding.

It is rainproof and snowproof, meaning it has been treated with durable water repellent to ensure the outer is rain repellent.

It is fleeced line to provide extra warmth and comfort for your little ones.

Featuring a snow skirt and elasticated cuffs, it’s sure to keep the snow out of the jacket.

Spyder Boys Guard Jacket
Ski Jacket for Boys from Spyder

This Spyder highly insulated ski jacket is ideal for your lad. Ensuring he stays warm with the super cool spider web embroidered at the side of the jacket.

It has a removable hood and the inner collar is made from brushed microfiber.

It also features a powder skirt with gripper elastic and a snap back feature to hold the snow skirt away when it isn’t in use.

With additional features such as zippered hand pockets, velcro adjustable cuffs and a pocket for their ski lift.

Best Boys Shell Ski Jackets

If you’re looking for a lightweight, highly breathable shell jacket to go with your boys ski wear, check out some of the best options:

Trespass Mooki
Trespass Mooki ski jacket for boys

Trespass have made a budget friendly boys ski jacket, which is windproof and has a snow skirt to ensure snow doesn’t get into the jacket.

It also features an elasticated, adjustable hood which is always useful when skiing.

Not only that, it has elasticated cuffs to ensure extra dryness.

This boys ski coat has various colours, you’re bound to find one that suits your child.

Ultrasport Zuers with Ultraflow
UltraSport shell ski jacket for boys

This unisex children’s ski jacket has it all, from a pocket specifically for the ski lift pass to extra pockets for headphones, mobile phone or snacks!

The zipper features a chin guard section, to help keep the neck and chin warm.

It is padded with poly-fill to give your child freedom to move, but will also lock in the warmth.

Additional features include a removable hood and adjustable cuffs and waist.

Not only does it look trendy and feature extra pockets, it also has a waterproof rating of 3000, it states it is breathable and windproof.

This ski jacket is ideal for children who like to stay trendy and warm.

Location Heavy Shell Boys Ski Outer Jacket
Best kids ski jackets

This budget ski jacket is trendy and practical for boys, with taped seams to lock in the warmth it is bound to keep your lad happy.

Made from breathable, waterproof fabric to ensure your little one doesn’t get wet during periods of rain.

It features a stow away balaclave in the back of the neck and adjustable arm cuffs with velcro.

It is thicker than other shell jackets and has an internal snow defence elasticated panel.​

Best 3 in 1 Jackets Ski Jackets for Boys

Regatta Starrysky Children’s
Regatta Starrsky boys' ski jacket

This children’s ski jacket is perfect for boys or girls, with an incredible waterproof and breathable rating of 10,000 you can’t go wrong.

It features a removable fleece lining, fold away hood and a few pockets. You can create 3 different combinations with the fleece jacket, so it would be perfect for all weathers.

It has taped seams which prevent the warmth from escaping, ensuring your young ones stay warm.

Trespass Charles
Trespass Charles 3 in 1 ski jacket for boys

This Trespass boy’s ski jacket is well insulated with an internal polar fleece, it’s bound to keep the warmth in.

The inner fleece is removable so he can wear that on his own if desired.

That also means your young one can wear the outer jacket on its own, as a light jacket in conditions that do not require a fully insulated jacket.

It has a waterproof rating of 3000mm which is usually acceptable for snowy places.

It has an adjustable, removable hood to keep your child dry.

Bonfire Exchange
Best kids ski jackets

This Bonfire Exchange multicoloured ski jacket is a great option if you want to keep an eye are your child.

They will definitely standout with this ski coat.

Lined with thermal fleece lining, your child is bound to stay toasty all day.

It features a stretch storage pouch, lift loop and a stash back powder skirt to ensure that snow doesn’t get in.

Trespass Kids Crawley
Best kids ski jackets

This Trespass 3 in 1 jacket is ideal for those ski days.

With a waterproof rating of 3000mm, your child is bound to stay dry and warm.

The jacket is windproof and features a detachable fleece and taped seams to ensure the warmth does not escape.

It also had a removable hood that is fully adjustable. With elasticated cuffs and two contrast pockets, your child’s hands are sure to stay warm.

Girls Ski Jackets

Now it’s time to take a look at girls’ ski wear and see which ski jackets for girls are the best options available. Once again, we’ll drop in useful links of where you can get hold of them too.

Best Girls Insulated Ski Jackets

Dare 2b Girls Epitomise Ski Jacket
Girls Ski Jacket from Dare 2b

This Dare 2b girls ski jacket is perfect for all abilities when it comes to skiing or snowboarding.

With a waterproof and breathable rating of 5000mm, your child will stay warm and be able to move freely. It also has a water repellent finish on the outside of the jacket to protect it even more from the rain or snow.

The reflective detail of this girls ski coat looks subtle and trendy, but it is ideal for those dark evenings of skiing. Your girl will always been seen in this coat.

It also has a snow skirt to keep the snow out.

Mountain Warehouse Honey Kids Ski Jacket
Mountain Warehouse Insulated Ski Jacket for Girls

This Mountain Warehouse kids ski jacket is competitively priced and has all the features needed to keep your little girl warm, dry and happy whilst skiing.

It has been treated with a durable water repellent to ensure the outer layer if rain repellent, therefore it is snowproof.

Available in a range of different colours, your bound to find a suitable colour for your girl.

Fleece lining, snowskirt, adjustable cuffs are amongst some this jackets great features.

Columbia Girls Alpine Free Fall Ski Jacket
Best kids ski jackets

This trendy girls ski jacket it a must-have if your child loves fashion and likes to standout.

A well-insulated, waterproof coat ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding the best kids ski jacket.

Available in a range of different colours and designs.

Further protection comes from the detachable, adjustable storm hood and the snap-back powder skirt.

Dare 2b Girls Emulate Ski Jacket
Dare 2b Emulate Ski Jacket for Girls

This ski jacket has a waterproof and breathability rating of 5000mm. The jacket has been finish with a water repellent.

This trendy coats features a detachable hood with removable faux fur trim.

It also has 2 lower zippered pockets and an internal pocket suitable for a ski pass.

With a fixed snow skirt and high-loft insulation, your child is bound to love this jacket.

The Best Girls Shell Ski Jackets

Trespass TP50 Maybole Girls
Trespass Maybole Ski Jacket for Girls

With added light padding for added insulation and taped seams, your little on is definitely going to be toasty on the slops.

And, a waterproof rating of 3000mm, they will have nothing stopping them from bossing the slopes.

It is also windproof, so the only thing you and your child have to worry about it the actual skiing part.

It has a detachable hood so is ideal for all weathers.

Regatta Children’s Lever Ii Waterproof Shell Jacket
Regatta Ski Jacket for Girls

This simply designed Regatta children’s ski jacket is has taped seams and mesh lining to keep in warm and highly breathable.

With multiple colours available, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

It is finished with durable water repellent to keep the water out.

The best thing about this jacket is that you can pack it down by transforming it into a compact belt bag.

With reflective trims for adventures where light may be limited, your child will be visible.

Trespass Children’s Mugsy Ski Jacket
Trespass Shell Ski Jacket for Girls

This funky Trespass kids ski jacket is available in different colours suitable for both boys and girls.

With a built-in chin guard to protect your little one from any kind of draft, they should be super warm.

It has a waterproof and breathable rating of 3000mm, so nothing to worry about in terms of getting wet.

It has numerous pockets such as a zip sleeve pocket which would be ideal for a ski pass and an inner id pocket. There’s also other pockets to take their belongings or even some mid-ski snacks.

Trespass Lashes Girls Ski Jackets
Ski Jacket for Girls from Trespass

This Trespass girls ski jacket has a unique, standout design and has a longer fit than other ski jackets.

With taped seams, insulation and the longer fit, it is more likely to keep the heat in.

It is windproof and waterproof, with a waterproof rating of 5000mm, it is ideal for them cold and snowy ski days.

Best 3 in 1 Ski Jackets for Girls

Mountain Warehouse Lightning 3 in 1 Kids Jacket
Best kids ski jackets 

This Mountain Warehouse ski jacket is fully waterproof and has taped seams.

With a detachable inner fleece and hood, it can be made suitable for almost all weather conditions.

It has elastic and adjustable cuffs for added ease and a secure fit, keeping the drafts out.

Columbia Girls Bugaboo 3-in-1 Ski Jacket
Best kids ski jackets

Options available for girls and boys.

This has a micro fleece with omni-heat  thermal reflective lining to keep your child nice and warm.

The outer shell is waterproof and breathable to keep them protected from rain and extreme weather conditions.

Wearing both parts together is advised for harsh weather conditions, especially snowy and windy days.

A detachable hood makes it ideal for skiing or snowboarding.

Trespass Skydive 3 in 1 for Kids
girls 3 in 1 ski jacket Trespass Skydive

This Trespass kids jacket is ideal for any weather conditions, with a waterproof rating of 3000mm and thick inner fleece, your child is sure to stay warm and dry.

It has a concealed fold away hood which is ideal for any changing weather conditions.

This jacket is very well priced and could be ideal for skiing.

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