Best Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets

The Best Helly Hansen Women’s Ski Jackets

If you're looking for a new snow jacket, it's likely that you've already considered or seen a few Helly Hansen ski jackets that have taken your eye. 

Helly Hansen are one of the leading providers of outdoor and ski wear, and have been for a long time, so when you're looking for a new ski jacket, they're definitely worth checking out. 

Helly Hansen are known for being a strong, durable and high quality brand, making them a popular choice for outdoor clothing and ski wear. 

This post is a look at the best Helly Hansen women's ski jackets, we'll be showing you some of the best snow jackets that they have to offer, giving you an overview of why the jacket is a good choice and we'll also provide you with existing customer ratings where possible. Prices will vary subject to availability, size and colour. 


Best Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets

Here are our choices for the best ski jackets that Helly Hansen have got to offer for women. Our selection includes a range of different styles, prices and the jackets will have a range of different features, so you can find the perfect one for what you'll need it. 

Helly Hansen Women's Belle

First up we've got the Belle ski jacket from Helly Hansen. This jacket has everything you'd expect from a quality women's ski jacket and much more. 

Ski Jackets for Women by Helly Hansen

The Belle is an insulated jacket which features 'PrimaLoft' insulation. This is what keeps you warm even in sub-zero temperatures; ideal for skiing in even colder temperatures or evening skiing after the sun's gone down.

As well as keeping you warm, Helly Hansen have used clever 'h2 flow' breathability technology to ensure that you don't over-heat in your jacket along with under-arm vents to keep you cool and comfortable.

Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jacket
Helly Hansen Belle Ski Jacket or Women
Helly Hansen Belle Ski Jacket for Women

Of course this jacket is also completely waterproof with snowskirt to keep snow out when you're turning in the powder (or if you fall over), wrist gaiters to keep any snow from getting into your sleeves and taped seams to prevent snow from creeping in through the stitching on the jacket. Available in other colours here.

Helly Hansen Women's Alphelia
Average buyer rating: 5/5

Helly Hansen's Alphelia jacket is a great looking insulated jacket that is available in a range of colours, so you can find the perfect one to match your style and taste. It's also a very cleverly constructed jacket that features some cutting edge technology. 

The Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets for Women

So how can a jacket be high tech? The Alphelia jacket can actually help keep your phone alive for longer, which isn't only convenient for the social likes, but should you find yourself in an emergency situation, being able to use your phone is important.

How does this work? If you've ever been in minus temperatures before, you'll know that your devices can start to act strangely and sometimes switch off. The Alphelia jacket features a 'Life Pocket' which is a pocket three times warmer than standard pockets, keeping your phone warm and preventing it from shutting down on you. Pretty cool!

Helly Hansen Alphelia Women's Ski Jacket
Helly Hansen Alphelia Ski Jacket for Women
Best Helly Hansen Ski Jacket for Women

As well as the smart Life Pocket the jacket is waterproof, breathable and is constructed using a stretch material allowing for more movement without sacrificing on warmth.

Helly Hansen Women's Spirit

Average buyer rating: 5/5

Next up on our list is the Helly Hansen Spirit women's ski jacket. Once again this is a jacket packed with features that are going to keep you warm, dry and comfortable when you're out on the slopes. 

Helly Hansen Spirit Best Ski Jacket for Women

This jacket was designed with skiing in mind with wrist gaiters, detachable snowskirt and ski pass pocket all integrated into the jacket. Helly Hansen have also incorporated their two layer Helly tech insulation to ensure that you stay warm when you're faced with the snowy conditions. 

The Spirit jacket also offers a great safety feature with RECCO rescue technology built into the jacket. RECCO technology allows your jacket to interact with the signals of local rescue equipment so your jacket can be tracked down in case of an emergency.

Best Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jacket
Helly Hansen Spirit Ski Jacket for Women
Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets

Helly Hansen's Spirit jacket is a great all rounder which features an innovative HFlow system that helps regulate your temperature within the jacket, ensuring you stay warm without getting too hot.

Helly Hansen Women's Skyline

Average buyer rating: 5/5

With fully taped seams, the Skyline is a totally waterproof ski jacket that is sure to not only keep you dry but keep you warm and keep the windchills at bay when you're hundreds feet up a snowy mountain. 

Helly Hansen Skyline Women's Ski Jacket

The 'Helly Tech' technology used to construct the Helly Hansen Skyline jacket ensures that the jacket is not only waterproof, but insulated and breathable too, meaning that warmth is trapped within the jacket but sweat is released, so you don't get too warm or uncomfortable. 

The fabric used within the jacket is a two-way stretch material, so you have more range of motion and your movement isn't restricted by the jacket. All this is done without losing warmth or waterproofing. 

Helly Hansen Skyline Women's Ski Jacket
Best Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets
Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets

Available in a range of colours so you can find the perfect style to suit your own personal taste, the Skyline is well worth checking out if you're looking for a new women's ski jacket. 

Helly Hansen Women's Sundance

Average buyer rating: 5/5

Featuring the RECCO rescue system that we discussed previously on the Spirit jacket, the Sundance is yet another great option if you're looking for a Helly Hansen women's ski jacket.

Helly Hansen Sundance Ski Jacket for Women

Once again this jacket features Helly Tech performance technology to ensure that the jacket is waterproof, windproof and breathable, as well as being insulated with PrimaLoft insulation to keep you warm in the ice and snow. 

Although the jacket is breathable, the Sundance also features zipped vents on the underarm so you can let in extra air if you find you're getting hot 

Helly Hansen Sundance Women's Ski Jacket
Helly Hansen Sundance Ski Jacket for Women
Helly Hansen Sundance Women's Ski Jacket for Women

Available in azalea (pinky-red to me and you) and racer blue, you can take a look at the option that you like best. 

Helly Hansen Women's Sunshine

Average buyer rating: 4/5

Moving on from the Sundance we come to the Sunshine ski jacket. This is the final jacket in our selection of the best Helly Hansen women's ski jackets but that doesn't mean it hasn't got plenty to offer.

Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets for Women

The Helly Hansen Sunshine is packed with great features to ensure that you're not worried about getting cold or wet when you're skiing. The jacket is fully waterproof with taped seams and has been treated with a durable water repellent so water just runs off the jacket and doesn't soak in. 

As with any high quality ski jacket, the Sunshine is insulated and breathable, ensuring that you staying warm but any excess heat or moisture is released from the jacket. No getting too sweaty!

Helly Hansen Women's Ski Jackets
Helly Hansen Ski Jacket for Women
Helly Hansen Women's Sunshine Ski Jacket

As well as a range of high tech features, the additional pockets and ski pockets means you've got plenty of space to store valuables and accessories such as ski gloves and goggles

That's it for our selection of the best Helly Hansen ski jackets for women, we hope we've managed to help you out in your search for a new ski jacket!

We'd love you to stick around and take a look at our site for more useful posts about skiing, snow clothing and much more. 

If you have any questions about the products mentioned, or for more information about FlyerDiaries, feel free to contact us.

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