Ski Insurance for Snow Sport Holidays

Have you considered your insurance coverage for your next ski trip?

Undertaking a skiing holiday and neglecting your insurance is simply not an option. Winter outings can be demanding enough as it is without the constant worry that you’ll fall into an accident or damage your equipment.

Should the worst happen, you could find yourself running into extremely pricey health costs. From hospital care to emergency transport, an uninsured injury could rack up into the tens of thousands in expenses.

It’s simply not worth the risk.

Thankfully, we’ve got the information you need to find the right snow sport insurance and stay safe out on the slopes.

Insurance for Skiing

Why Should You Take Out Ski Insurance?

You’ll need to make sure that you and your family are properly covered before you head out on your adventures. A fall, tumble or accidental twisting of skis shouldn’t cost a ton, and through the correct policy your finances will be the least of your worries.

Insurance gives you peace of mind that your finances aren’t at risk, allowing a smoother, more relaxing experience all around.

Check your Previous Policies

Never be presumptuous about your existing policies, even ones for previous holidays. There’s no guarantee that winter sports will be covered and they may exist only as optional extras, so you’ll need to check beforehand.

Some of your medical costs when travelling to European destinations such as Geneva, Meribel or Courchevel will be covered by the free European Health Insurance Card, but don’t use this as a simple replacement for insurance! This won’t cover loss, damage or transport, all of which you may need should anything happen.

If you aren’t protected, it’s time to start looking around for the best deal.

How to Buy Snow Sports Insurance

​Just like with any kind of insurance, whether it’s home or motor insurance, you need to find the right kind of ski insurance for you and your individual needs.

Not every skier will have or require the same kind of ski holiday insurance. Here are a few tips for buying the right ski insurance for you.

Shop Around 

It’s not just your equipment and ski wear that can be bought for a better price.

Just like any aspect of a skiing endeavour, there are various options to choose from when purchasing insurance, each with different prices, benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you suss out all options to ensure you pick the policy best suited to you.

While some policies may be cheaper than others, they may also provide lower levels of cover. You’ll need to determine the amount of coverage you need before you buy.

Proofread your policy! 

It’s worth noting that winter sports travel insurance packages will most likely include coverage of certain activities such as on and off-piste skiing, ice-skating and tobogganing, but exclusions may apply and some sports may cost extra.

If you’re taking your own equipment, it’s also essential that you’re covered for any loss, damage or theft. Make sure that your policy accounts for illness, injury and sudden return trips too.

Be sure to read through your whole policy thoroughly before signing up – you don’t want to pay for the wrong activities or be missing vital coverage.

Ski Insurance for Skiers

Ski Safety Tips

Although you’ll probably take a couple of tumbles and find yourself on your backside a few times, serious accidents and injuries are very unlikely, but there are useful tricks to keep yourself as safe as possible as you descend the snowy slopes.

We definitely want you to have ski insurance, but we also hope that you don’t have to use it! Here are some tips for making your ski holiday safer.

Prepare for Physical Excursion 

Skiing can be an incredibly healthy sport that asks a whole lot of your body. It’s important to make yourself fit and strong prior to your trip to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment with minimal risk.

Get into the habit of routine drills that focus on stretching and strengthening, as you’ll be using a host of muscles that are otherwise far more relaxed in day-to-day life. A strong physical start to your ski season means a reduced chance of strains, injuries and damage.

Have the Right Equipment

It’s crucial that you take all the correct equipment during your time on the mountains. Make sure that your ski boots fit correctly, that your skis are adjusted appropriately and that you’re sufficiently insulated.

Check your clothes for water and wind-resistant fabrics. Always dress in layers rather than thick overalls – they’ll keep you warmer and can be adjusted if you get too hot.

A comfortable experience makes it easier to focus on the fun and you’ll be less distracted by unnecessary stresses.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While it may seem obvious, respecting others around you and being aware of where your group, equipment and possessions are at all times will keep you safe and minimise the chances of any accidents or thefts.

This is especially important when considering your insurance policy, as some may not cover you for the loss of unattended equipment. Keep a hold of all your receipts and take care of your skis.

Similarly, always respect those who are skiing around you! Stop in safe places and allow people around you time to keep clear. The last thing you need is entangled skis and poles as you crash down the slopes.

Insurance for Ski Holidays

Before heading to the slopes, be sure to shop around for a ski insurance policy that covers all of your needs. For more information and useful tips, take an eye at the FlyerDiaries skiing hub.

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