Guide to the best snowboard bags

The Best Snowboard Bags: Carry Bags, Bags with Wheels and more

By this time in the season, you’ve (hopefully) already been out a couple times on the hill.

You’ve had time to test snowboard and equipment and give them a good workout on the hill or in the park.

But after each run, the same thing happens. You throw that carefully purchased snowboard and boots into some corner of your garage or your basement. That's why we have found the best snowboard bags around.

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Guide to buying ski boots for children

The Best Ski Boots for Kids

Ski boots, especially ski boots for kids, can sometimes be tricky to buy, as they require some time to fit and choose.

This can lead to people sometimes being hesitant to buying online. Don't be put off! We'd simply recommend that before buying, you take them to a professional fitter to get the right size and shape for your foot and style.

In this guide we're going to give you our recommendations for the best ski boots for boys and girls. We’re going to give you the features, the fit, the sizing, and the style recommendations that we have come up with. We’ve spent a lot of time online, finding the right boots for your kids.

You may be a complete novice, but we’re going to change that. So, let’s get right into it and help you to find the best ski boots for kids.

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Snowboard Boots

Epic Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

You’ve scoured out the best location, got yourself the best snowboard clothes, you’ve got a great board, you could be tempted to save money on snowboard boots or borrow them from a friend of family member that don't quite suit you. 

This is kind of like buying an amazing sports car with a great engine but not fitting it with tyres. You've got everything you need to get going, but things won't be as the could be and will be very uncomfortable.

You’re almost ready for the thrill of riding on the snow, throwing tricks and grabs as you leap over berms and bumps. But if you’re not prepared with the best set of snowboard boots, it’s not going to be a good day.

In fact, you’ll discover that your boots - and bindings - are so crucial to your snowboarding experience, that we have to ensure you know as much about them as possible, and to have the options of the best snowboard bindings readily available.

Read on as we show you how to buy the best snowboard boots and which ones are the best to buy.

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Best Beginner Snowboards

Best Snowboards for Beginners: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

We’ve heard it said that if you’re going to get into winter sports, and if you’re new to it, the best sport to pick up is snowboarding.

Skiing can be a challenge and many people think that snowboarding is an easier option as we'd have all been on a skateboard when we were kids and wonder "how different can they be?".

Of course it's much (like, a lot) easier said than done, but as you start to get better at a sport, you start to look at the options of buying your own equipment and start saving on rental fees. 

So you're practicing hard, getting better with each outing and all that’s left to do is get your very first snowboard.

This can seem daunting if you're new to snowboarding, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, we’re going to clear up all the misleading and confusing facts about buying your first snowboard.

We’re going to illuminate the right parts of the board that you need to know, and teach you everything you must understand to head out on the slopes.

But don’t worry. We’re not going to go too in depth. We just want to make sure that you have enough knowledge to buy the right board, strap on and start snowboarding. 

You can learn the rest later on. Our goal is to get you out there as fast as possible.

Who knows? Maybe we can share the next chair up.

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Best Snowboard Exercises

Snowboard Exercises to Do at Home

If you’re a snowboarder, you’re familiar with terms that people might use to describe you such as "knuckle dragger", "shredder", "berm buster".

If you don't know what those mean, that's okay - neither did we the first time we heard them! 

"Bed rider", that’s a term you might not want to hear this upcoming snowboarding season. If you’re too injured to “shred the gnar”, you might end up healing up in bed the whole winter from your injuries.

As with any sport or physical activity, one way to help prevent yourself from getting in that position is to prepare yourself for the sport with some pre-snowboard exercises.  

Snowboarding is healthy sport, but is also rigorous and at times can be a dangerous activity, but it just happens to be one of the coolest (pun completely intended) things you can do this winter. By prepping yourself with some simple snowboarding exercises, we can prepare your body for the winter season.

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How to read the snow report

How Much Snow is Enough to Ski?

Have you ever been confused about how much snow is enough to ski? Is there an ideal amount that you should look for?

It can be confusing. If you check the weather reports, they will detail the temperatures and precipitation. But that doesn’t tell you a whole lot about what you need to know. 

On the other hand, if you go online to a few different ski resorts, they’ll tell you phrases like fresh powder, cumulative snowfall, runs opens, lifts running, and base amounts. 

But unless you’re skilled at reading those snow reports, that might mean nothing to you.

All you want to know is if you decide to pack up and head out to the mountains today, will you have a great day skiing? Or will your lift pass be wasted because of patchy grass and rocks and only a few of the lower runs open?

How can you know if there is enough snow to ski?

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Best Ski Exercises

The Best Ski Exercises to Do at Home

Have you already started your skiing exercises for the upcoming winter season?

Us neither... Unless you count the amount of hot chocolate we’ve had to drink. In that case, we’re ready to go.

All joking aside, skiing will give your legs, core, and (we'll be honest) entire body a good workout.  With that in mind, it's quite helpful and useful to prepare your body with some pre-ski exercises so that you're ready for the ski season.

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Guide to Skiing Off-Piste

What Is Off-Piste Skiing?

Powder skiing. Backcountry skiing. Whatever you call it, off-piste skiing is the official term for taking your adventures off the beaten track. 

“Piste” is actually the French word for “track”. Because skiers can either be on-piste or off-piste, skiing where the groomed, combed resort runs go, or taking your skiing adventures into the untamed wilderness.

And there are plenty of reasons to pick up the sport of off-piste skiing. It’s more than just skiing where no else has gone. It’s not just about getting first tracks onto a deep powdery run. It’s about conquering nature and having the freedom to ski where you want. 

There are dangers, sure. We’re not going to suggest that off-piste skiing is for everyone. But because it’s gained some traction recently, we thought we would cover how to off-piste ski. It’s a subject near and dear to our hearts, and we would love to introduce you to the sport that has captured us so thoroughly.    

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Best Women's Ski Goggles

The Best Ski Goggles for Women

Part of the best day out on the slopes is having the right gear. Without it, you could never enjoy the day as much. Would you try playing tennis with a badminton racquet?

Probably not, and that’s because you can’t enjoy a sport without using the correct gear. And using the correct ski wear is no different. By using the right pair of goggles, you’re going to enjoy the day, keep your eyes safe, and have a great experience no matter the conditions.

But have you ever shopped for your own pair of the best women's ski goggles? Do you know what to look for? Based on what we see out there on the slopes, if you answered ‘no’, then you’re in good company.

It seems not many people know what they should expect from their ski goggles. Ladies, let’s get one thing straight. If you don’t know what to expect, that’s fine. But after this article, you'll be fully clued up on what you need to know.

You’ll understand tints, fog coating, venting, triple-foam layering, lens shapes and styles, plus you’ll understand if any of that even matters to what you wear on your face.

We're going to make sure you find the best women's ski goggles for when you're out on the slopes.

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