Best Surfboard Fins in 2019

Picking out the best surfboard fins for your board is like picking out the best tires for your car. It will seriously depend on the vehicle, driving conditions, and your experience.

Thankfully, all fins have been improving over the years, and currently, it is more likely that you will pick out a good piece than a bad one, just by chance. Most people even find their style of surfing because of the fin they bought just because it looked beautiful.

If you already know your style, and the conditions you would be surfing in, then there are a couple of options that stand out above the rest, and which may give you the control or drive that you need. Read More

The Best Countries for Surf Holidays

The Best Countries for Surf Holidays

If you’re a surfer, then the world’s your oyster.

There’s barely a corner on the planet where you won’t find breath-taking breaks, epic tubes and gorgeous beaches that’ll have you daydreaming about a perennial globe-trotting adventure, just you and your surfboard, and all the best waves in the world.

Just to make that daydream even more tempting, here’s a round up of the best countries for surf holidays around the world. And there are a few pleasant surprises on the list too.

Because if you thought the perfect surf holiday meant a long haul flight to somewhere dazzlingly sunny on the other side of the world, think again. The perfect break of your watery dreams might be closer than you think.

Grab your passport. Let’s go. Read More


Best Surf Wax in 2019

The main reason why picking out the best surf wax in 2019 is so difficult is that there is so much choice and so many aspects of wax that it can be confusing.

Titling just one brand, or a single type of wax, as the best is out of the question, as the blend that works for one surfer might not show the same results for others. The only way to know what you need is to know where you will be surfing.

Thankfully, there is no chance for you to harm your board by choosing the wrong surf wax; you will just get lesser results.

Finally, as waxes are very cheap today, buying multiple products would not put a significant dent in your budget. This means that you may want to select multiple types if you plan to surf in both hot and cold climates, as well as all year long. Read More

The Best Surf Spots in Mexico 2019

Mexico’s long been a favourite with sun worshippers – with gorgeous, golden beaches, languid tropical climates and crystalline ocean waters, it’s a dream winter sun getaway.

But the Pacific coast of Mexico has a lot more to offer than just tacos and tequila. It’s also a global surfing hotspot – with some record-breaking waves, monster barrels and secret surfing beaches where you can escape the crowds.

You’ll find a huge range of diversity amongst the best surf spots in Mexico – from hedonistic party beaches and chilled out, ultra-hippy vibes, to truly monstrous world class barrels. So grab your surf board and sombrero, and start planning your dream surfing tour of Mexico’s finest waves. Read More

The Best Surf Spots in the US 2019

The Beach Boys nailed the iconic surfer persona in their 60s classic “Surfin’ USA” – summing up the perfect blend of mellow sunshine, beach blonde hair and an idyllic summer of endless waves.

But while the hit song name-dropped some of the best surf spots in their home state of California, you’ll find some legendary locations for gnarly waves all across the US.

From sun soaked California and the tropical paradise of Hawaii, to hidden gems hidden in the rockier reaches of the eastern states, the US is a real surfer’s paradise.

So start waxing down your surfboards and plan the perfect surf safari, with the lowdown on the top picks across the USA. Read More

Best Wetsuit Hoods 2019

Best Wetsuit Hoods for Diving & Surfing

For most people thinking about aquatic adventures, even the best wetsuit hoods are just an afterthought.

But, once you try diving a bit deeper, surfing a bit longer, and trying out the seas and the oceans in slightly colder temperatures, you will realize that this is an essential part of any diver’s or surfer’s gear.

Not only will your wetsuit hood keep you warm, but it is also good for your skin, and will even offer some protection. Additionally, they will protect your ears from quick pressure changes, which is really important if you want to dive out quickly.

Thankfully, as technology progresses we are seeing increasingly better wetsuit hoods that give greater mobility, better field of view, and more protection against the elements for an eve diminishing price. Read More

Best Surf Spots in the UK 2019

The Best Surf Spots in the UK 2019

Think surfing is all about sun-kissed locations and warm turquoise waters off a tropical paradise beach?

Think again. What old blighty might lack in sunshine, it more than makes up for in epic surf locations, and you’ll find some of the best surf spots around a lot closer to home, right here in the UK.

While it will definitely be a little on the chillier side, you’ll find great places to surf for all levels – take your pick from easy going beach breaks, seriously muscled up barrels, and everything in between.

With 10,000 miles of coastline to choose from around England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you’ve got no excuse not to be hitting the surf board, so suit up (don’t forget your boots) and hit the road, with our run down of the UK’s top surfing locations. Read More

Ski Gloves 2019

Best Wetsuit Gloves 2019

It is probably around the time you realize that you need the best wetsuit gloves when you stop being a casual surfer or diver. Once you go deeper into the water or hitting those northwest waves, you will want something to keep your hands warm and safe.

Same as land gloves, wetsuit gloves can be very different depending on the time and place they are used. Some are thin and tight, and some are thick and protective.

To get the best wetsuit gloves you will need to know where you are going and what are you planning to do. While regular scuba gloves might give you some protection while surfing, they will not really do the job.

Also, if you are used to surf and dive in a warm location such as summertime Hawaii, you will need to prepare yourself when going colder.

Ocean temperatures in southern California can drop to ~58 °F in the winter, making it essential to wear a suit and gloves if you plan on staying healthy. Read More

The Best Surf Spots in Australia 2019

The Best Surf Spots in Australia

Surfing is part of the Aussie DNA, coming second only to the love of a good barbecue.

And no wonder – Australia is home to some of the most legendary surf spots on the planet, luring in everyone hoping to catch some of those picture-perfect waves.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or an eager first-timer, with over 66,000 kilometers of coastline across Australia, you’ll find the wave to fall in love with. Read More

Best Grip Pad for Surfing in 2019

Best Grip Pad for Surfing in 2019

Grip pads, also known as traction pads, don’t just look cool; they are an essential part of your board if you want to make your surf as majestic as possible.

Depending if they are front pads or back pads, they can be made from different materials, and in a cool million patterns, but the goal on all of them is the same:

To make your feet stick to the board so that you will have more freedom to move, change your balance, and push your surf to the maximum.

Thankfully, as materials became cheaper and the quality became better, grip pads are now a much better option than just waxing your board, and there are awesome ones to pick from. If you know just a couple of basic thing about what to look for, you will be able to spend the rest of your time picking out the design that will compliment your board in the best way possible. Read More