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Best Snowboards for Advanced Boarders in 2019

At a glance, the best snowboards for advanced boarders seem quite similar to their intermediate cousins, but they have those nuances that make them stand out at the slopes.

Picking out advanced boards can seem to be quite tricky, as you will only have a couple of differences compared to your former model. This slight difference in stiffness, core wood choice, or edge quality is essential.

To know which board is right for you, you will need to know exactly where you are going to go snowboarding.

Advanced snowboards are usually stiffer and more detailed than intermediate ones, meaning that their durability when used improperly reduces.

Finally, being in good shape and having strong hips, knees, and ankles is very important on these boards, as they are not as giving as others. They will provide top performance, but only for those with advanced skills. Read More

Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

Picking out the best snowboards for intermediate boarders is probably the hardest choice you will have. This is not because of the lack of offers, but quite the opposite, choice paralysis.

Once you have surpassed your first boarding steps and start looking for a greater challenge, you will need to do as much research on yourself as you would on the boards available.

Primarily, you will need to know what type of boarder are you and what kind of slopes you will be going too. Are you a trickster that will focus on learning flips and stunts on the half-pipe, or an adventurist that will climb the tallest backcountry mountain just to rush down.

When you know where you are going, it will be much easier to pick out the best board for that trip.

Finally, you should focus on getting something that will serve its purpose and give solid results without breaking the bank.

As Voltaire once said: ‘’Perfect is the enemy of good’’.

Focus on what works for you and what will serve your need. Those who are in the pro division usually focus on very specific models and have probably lost the perspective of someone who still has a lot to learn. Read More

Best Snowboard Boot Bags for 2019

For novice boarders or skiers, having snowboard boot bags seems redundant, as beginner slopes are usually accessible by car.

But, once you start traveling to more remote locations, and especially trekking to the mountain lodges, you will want a boot bag strapped securely to your back.

These bags are made to specifically house boarding equipment, which is visible by the often triangular shape. Apart from the design, unlike normal bags, they are reinforced to keep your boots, waxes, cloths, and other gear in place.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good options currently on the market that will keep your boots safe and sound, even when transported in busses over bumpy roads. Read More

Best Snowboard Bindings

The Best Snowboard Bindings to Buy Online

No matter how well you choose your snowboard boots, you still need a good grasp of the bindings.

Are snowboard bindings universal? The simple and short answer is: no. You can get different types and styles to suit each rider. This is where it differs from skiers’ bindings.

Skiers essentially do one thing, and that is that they go downhill. They ride the chairlift up and then go down again. That’s the whole day really.

Snowboarders have a bit more freedom. They can ride down the hills, but they can also head into the snowboard parks, on the half-pipes, over the jumps, and along the rails. They can even ride in urban settings.

This why snowboard bindings should fit what the riders intend to do. The best snowboard bindings give you the freedom to move into the parks and pipes, but they’re also stiff enough to ride downhill when required.

While we recognize that you’re (hopefully) not setting your own bindings in the beginning, you should at least understand what to expect from a professional fitter and how they’ll adjust your board.

There is a lot more to understand about bindings (mounting patterns, sizing charts, channel systems, binding/board compatibility…etc.), but that’s all for later when you’re a bit more advanced. For now, we’ll keep things simple and give you enough information to get you going. Read More

Best snowboard wax kits

The Best Snowboard Wax Kits 2019

Snowboard wax kits can often stay below board (pun intended) when it comes to thinking of what snowboard equipment you’re going to need for your trip or a session out on the slopes, especially if you’re a beginner.

More experienced riders know that a well-waxed snowboard is not only going to make your ride more enjoyable but will help prolong the life of your board, so always make sure their board is properly waxed and often will carry wax with them.

If you’ve never been snowboarding before, you may not even realize that snowboard wax is a thing. Surely the snow and ice are slippery enough for the snowboard to move over without the need for wax?

And sure enough, the board will go on most tracks without any wax beneath it, but this makes a self-feeding loop. Even if the board is polished, you will have friction, that will make you go slower, the slower you go, the more you push down on the snow, creating even more friction. Slow and rough movement is the opposite of what you are looking for when boarding.

Using wax changes that significantly. Read More

Guide to the best snowboard bags

The Best Snowboard Bags 2019: Carry Bags, Bags with Wheels & More

By this time in the season, you’ve (hopefully) already been out a couple times on the hill.

You’ve had time to test snowboard and equipment and give them a good workout on the hill or in the park.

But after each run, the same thing happens. You throw that carefully purchased snowboard and boots into some corner of your garage or your basement. That’s why we have found the best snowboard bags around.

If you want to get longevity and even more value for money out of your gear, treating your equipment with care and looking after it will keep everything in better condition for longer.

If you’re serious about the sport, you’ve probably invested a bit of money into getting the right gear. That’s a lot of money you just throw into the back of your car or on some rack in the attic. Find the best snowboard bags for air travel in this article and the best snowboard backpacks. Read More

Best Beginner Snowboards

Best Snowboards for Beginners: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

We’ve heard it said that if you’re going to get into winter sports, and if you’re new to it, the best sport to pick up is snowboarding.

Skiing can be a challenge and many people think that snowboarding is an easier option as we’d have all been on a skateboard when we were kids and wonder “how different can they be?”.

Of course it’s much (like, a lot) easier said than done, but as you start to get better at a sport, you start to look at the options of buying your own equipment and start saving on rental fees.

So you’re practicing hard, getting better with each outing and all that’s left to do is get your very first snowboard.

This can seem daunting if you’re new to snowboarding, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, we’re going to clear up all the misleading and confusing facts about buying your first snowboard.

We’re going to illuminate the right parts of the board that you need to know, and teach you everything you must understand to head out on the slopes.

But don’t worry. We’re not going to go too in depth. We just want to make sure that you have enough knowledge to buy the right board, strap on and start snowboarding.

You can learn the rest later on. Our goal is to get you out there as fast as possible.

Who knows? Maybe we can share the next chair up. Read More