Best Skis for Advanced Ability

Best Skis for Advanced Ability Skiers 2019

Some would think that it is easier picking out skis for advanced ability than entry level skis, but they would be wrong.

Skis are not really something we buy every season, and if your last pro skis were purchased sometime in the previous decade, you would be amazed at the advancements.

First of all, the average price of professional skis has fallen significantly due to technology. You can expect to buy the best skis for under a grand.

Only the models with all of the bells and whistles, including the binders, will pass $1000, but will still give great value.

Buying expert skis now mean deciding on the type you want. Between groomers, carvers, and powder skiers the models start to differ significantly. Read More

Best Skis for Intermediate Skiers in 2019

Best Skis for Intermediate Skiers in 2019

If you already have your snow legs on, buying the best skis for intermediate skiers will be more by instinct than a recommendation.

The main difference between your first runs and the challenges you are planning to put ahead of you now are the types of tracks you are going after. Unlike the groomed trails you started with, you will now aim for something slightly harder and more exciting.

For this, there are some really fun models that can help you gain additional power, handling, or flexibility, giving you more options on the terrain of your choice.

Finally, because the price of making the ski beautiful on the outside is comparatively smaller on higher-end models, you will be able to find some stunning pieces in this part of the market. With a bit of knowledge and some self-searching, you will be skiing on the best skis in no time. Read More

Best Skis for Beginners in 2019

Best Skis for Beginners in 2019

When looking for the best skis for beginners, there should be one goal and one goal only; making the ride as enjoyable as possible so that you can stay safe and learn quickly.

Choosing good beginner equipment is really important.

But by the shape of the skis alone, you will know if you will be stable on them or not.

There are a lot of good skis on the market that are adequate for most levels of ability and all situations. This means that you can not only choose ones that are a good fit but ones that look good as well. Read More

Best Skiing Pole 2019

The Best Ski Poles for 2019: All Abilities Covered

Power without control is meaningless.

And if you want to enjoy that huge slope truly, you will need the best ski poles in your hands that you can find. Good quality poles will not only help you make better turns and avoid any death cookies on the way but will also help you get up to the summit.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of ski poles, regardless of your skiing experience and the tracks you prefer.

From basic models that will be perfect for some calm traversing to professional items that will make you the king of the backcountry, poles are available in all shapes and sizes.

And, unlike before, you are now well in your right to ask for the best quality for a reasonable price. Read More

Best ski wax 2019

The Best Ski Wax Options for 2019

Sometimes, you just want to go faster. While beginner skiers often disregard ski wax, it is very important both for those who want to glide more swiftly down the mountain and protect their skis from the damage. Thankfully, there are a lot of good choices out there so that you can pick out the best ski wax options to improve your skiing experience.

Which ski wax you should use depends heavily on how, where, and when are you planning to use it. By all accounts, including one from the International Skiing History Association, ski wax is used to make you go faster, so you should be prepared for the added boost to your performance. Thankfully, using wax also means that you will have better control, as you will be able to cut easier through the snow.

Finally, the wax you will want to use will depend on if the snow is wet or dry, or possibly polluted with dirt or other particles. The best ski wax is the one that will protect your gear in most situations, but it will always be up to you to determine if there are circumstances are right for the wax you will be using. Read More

Best Equipment for Skiing Off-Piste

Key Equipment for Skiing Off-Piste

If you’re looking try off-piste skiing, you’re going to need to get hold off some equipment that you might not have used before, or even be familiar with.

There are a lot of new equipment pieces out there that you’ll probably hear about. You don’t need all of it right now.

We’re not saying that you won’t ever need them, but here we’re going to show you the key equipment for off-piste skiing to help get you started.

For now, we’re just going to give you essential equipment for off-piste skiing, and then, if you love the sport (which you most certainly will), you can start to add to your equipment list. Read More