Best Surfboard Leashes in 2019

Best Surfboard Leashes in 2019

Picking out the best surfboard leash is not as simple as it seems. While a beginner might not see the difference, they will feel it on their first wipe-out.

Those who don’t invest in good leashes usually need to swim to the shore sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, in this case, the price can be a good measurement of quality, which makes picking out a solid leash easier. But, even in the higher range, there are those that stand out with their durability and flexibility and those that will not pass muster.

If you are an experienced surfer, you will love to know that leashes became cheaper and are now making less drag than ever. If you are just starting, you will like to know that new materials made most of the cords very durable.

If you pick out a good board leash, it ought to last you for a very long time, provided that you take proper care of it. Read More


Best Surfboard Fins in 2019

Picking out the best surfboard fins for your board is like picking out the best tires for your car. It will seriously depend on the vehicle, driving conditions, and your experience.

Thankfully, all fins have been improving over the years, and currently, it is more likely that you will pick out a good piece than a bad one, just by chance. Most people even find their style of surfing because of the fin they bought just because it looked beautiful.

If you already know your style, and the conditions you would be surfing in, then there are a couple of options that stand out above the rest, and which may give you the control or drive that you need. Read More

Best Surfboard Bags in 2019

Best Surfboard Bags in 2019

While surfboards are slick and hydrodynamic when in the water, carrying one around the airport is hard, even when it is a shortboard. This is why we see an increasing number of best surfboard bags on the market, made for various types of transport.

The primary reason why you would want a surfboard bag is to protect your gear from hits and cuts while you are traveling, primarily if they are meant to go on a plane.

In some cases, just having a surfboard sock will be enough, especially if you are moving it by car.

But, if you plan on someone else handling your boards, you should be confident that they are protected and well supported, at all times, and in all temperatures. Read More


The Best Countries For Ski and Snowboarding Holidays In The World

Sometimes, sunshine, beaches and palm trees can feel just a little overrated. Sometimes, all you want is a thick, heavy snowfall, a pristine piste and the mountain landscape of your dreams, to glide your way to true happiness. And to help you on your way, we’ve done the gruelling work of rounding up the best countries for ski and snowboarding holidays.

Whether you’re after waist-high fresh powder, heart pumping jumps and seriously steep runs, or if you’re more about the picturesque chalets and après-ski life, you’re never too far from a perfect ski and snowboarding destination.

Pack your thermals and emergency sunscreen, and let’s hit the slopes. Read More

The Best Countries for Surf Holidays

The Best Countries for Surf Holidays

If you’re a surfer, then the world’s your oyster.

There’s barely a corner on the planet where you won’t find breath-taking breaks, epic tubes and gorgeous beaches that’ll have you daydreaming about a perennial globe-trotting adventure, just you and your surfboard, and all the best waves in the world.

Just to make that daydream even more tempting, here’s a round up of the best countries for surf holidays around the world. And there are a few pleasant surprises on the list too.

Because if you thought the perfect surf holiday meant a long haul flight to somewhere dazzlingly sunny on the other side of the world, think again. The perfect break of your watery dreams might be closer than you think.

Grab your passport. Let’s go. Read More


Best Longboard for Varying Abilities

As longboards are meant to make you surf easily, selecting the best longboard for varying abilities is more troublesome for experienced surfers than for beginners.

Longboards have been around for a very long time, thousands of years in fact, as they were the primary mode of transportation between neighboring islands in Polynesia. The main reason is that they are so easy to use.

New longboard surfboards are somewhat different, but much more so on the inside than on the outside. While old longboards went all up to 15 feet, modern versions rarely pass the 10 feet mark, as there is no need.

Finally, unlike the old wooden longboards, new ones are made with lightweight materials that make it possible for everyone to pick up and carry a longboard.

As you can imagine, carrying a 15-foot wooden plank is quite difficult, even for those with good upper body strength. Read More


Best Surf Wax in 2019

The main reason why picking out the best surf wax in 2019 is so difficult is that there is so much choice and so many aspects of wax that it can be confusing.

Titling just one brand, or a single type of wax, as the best is out of the question, as the blend that works for one surfer might not show the same results for others. The only way to know what you need is to know where you will be surfing.

Thankfully, there is no chance for you to harm your board by choosing the wrong surf wax; you will just get lesser results.

Finally, as waxes are very cheap today, buying multiple products would not put a significant dent in your budget. This means that you may want to select multiple types if you plan to surf in both hot and cold climates, as well as all year long. Read More

best snowboard

Best Snowboards for Advanced Boarders in 2019

At a glance, the best snowboards for advanced boarders seem quite similar to their intermediate cousins, but they have those nuances that make them stand out at the slopes.

Picking out advanced boards can seem to be quite tricky, as you will only have a couple of differences compared to your former model. This slight difference in stiffness, core wood choice, or edge quality is essential.

To know which board is right for you, you will need to know exactly where you are going to go snowboarding.

Advanced snowboards are usually stiffer and more detailed than intermediate ones, meaning that their durability when used improperly reduces.

Finally, being in good shape and having strong hips, knees, and ankles is very important on these boards, as they are not as giving as others. They will provide top performance, but only for those with advanced skills. Read More

Best Snowboards for Intermediate Boarders in 2019

Picking out the best snowboards for intermediate boarders is probably the hardest choice you will have. This is not because of the lack of offers, but quite the opposite, choice paralysis.

Once you have surpassed your first boarding steps and start looking for a greater challenge, you will need to do as much research on yourself as you would on the boards available.

Primarily, you will need to know what type of boarder are you and what kind of slopes you will be going too. Are you a trickster that will focus on learning flips and stunts on the half-pipe, or an adventurist that will climb the tallest backcountry mountain just to rush down.

When you know where you are going, it will be much easier to pick out the best board for that trip.

Finally, you should focus on getting something that will serve its purpose and give solid results without breaking the bank.

As Voltaire once said: ‘’Perfect is the enemy of good’’.

Focus on what works for you and what will serve your need. Those who are in the pro division usually focus on very specific models and have probably lost the perspective of someone who still has a lot to learn. Read More

Best Snowboard Boot Bags for 2019

For novice boarders or skiers, having snowboard boot bags seems redundant, as beginner slopes are usually accessible by car.

But, once you start traveling to more remote locations, and especially trekking to the mountain lodges, you will want a boot bag strapped securely to your back.

These bags are made to specifically house boarding equipment, which is visible by the often triangular shape. Apart from the design, unlike normal bags, they are reinforced to keep your boots, waxes, cloths, and other gear in place.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good options currently on the market that will keep your boots safe and sound, even when transported in busses over bumpy roads. Read More